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Roughly Speaking: Character Design Sketching Approaches


Staff member
If you ever wanted to see the sketch process behind a character vector illustration there is an article over on VectorTutsPlus that shows just that.

There are a number of vector artists that have given their sketches and the final artwork along with some info about their working practices and the stuff they use before working them up in Illustrator and yours truly is amongst them.

This is the sketch I worked from when I made the “Monkey King” character and you’ll see it’s pretty rough and rather than having a desk hogging scanner to import the sketch I just use a digital camera hence the quality.

You can check out the article here.



Senior Member
Wow that's lurrrrvely! :up:

I can't believe such loose sketches can turn into beautiful vectors. I would like to see the later stages in more detail!


really fantastic bit of work there scotty.. would make an amazing desktop wallpaper :D


now thats a funky desktop wallpaper Scotty :D thats going on the exchange server right now :lol: