Review request of Java development company's website design



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Decipher Zone Softwares is a leading outsourcing Java development company which specializes in Website, Java development, Java web application development, blockchain development where trailblazing customizable software solutions are developed with agile methodology at unbelievably low cost.

Could you review my website design please?

Any suggestions ?


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First thing I saw was basically the single tone autodesk logo rotated 90 degrees and 'squared off'. I'm surprised that was allowed for a logo which is 'registered'....

As to the site, the layout honestly looks like 90% of templates you can find on graphic river or the likes


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I’m not at all sure what it is you do.

I intensely dislike the homepage animation and each time a page loads I see the rotating wheel thing. All that tells me is you have a slow badly performing site. If you can’t even get your own site to work properly how can I trust you to build something for me.

And your portfolio page doesn’t load. It just hangs at the spinning gif.