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resize images without loosing quality

Good day everybody.

I am looking for a way or other to resize images without loosing quality, I tried some software and online service with no luck.
Please help.


Stationery Direct

Staff member
All depends on the initial resolution of the image and also what you intend using the re-sized images for. For example if you are working with 72dpi images then you will struggle.


Staff member
I find I can blow up a raster image quite a lot and not lose quality by squinting my eyes when I look at it. ;)
This is something we have to deal with every day. People come in with an image the size of a business card or -better still- stolen from a website and ask. "Can you blow this up to the size of a bill board" or "Can I have this on the side of my lorry?"



Staff member
Been there Paul. Feel your pain. :(

I used get it ALL the time at the company I last worked at.
Sometimes the logo would be so lo-res that I could hardly make out what it was.
I even made an info-graphic to give to clients to explain the difference between vectors and rasters, lo/high res.

Still didn't work.
My friend also said to me that if we resize the actual image but that have no good resolution decrease the like and visits on social site.So please after resize save them in .png - Artsanac
If the image is high quality to begin with, you can resize up without losing too much quality, using Perfect Resize or a similar plugin. You do still lose a bit, but for large format print, it's often acceptable as the viewing distance tends to be further away. 72dpi images, nothing you can do. I often end up tracing logos, finding them on brands of the world, or extracting them from PDF annual reports that I find online.