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Redesigning logo...

I don't think I am getting anywhere.

Is it even improving to my previous logo? Too complicated maybe?

Critical feedback would be appreciated.



Thanks in advance.
firstly don't like the font for "visuals" at all, not a professional font to use. secondly, I like the symbol replacing the O but to be honest it could be better, perhaps use the shape to link the words in some way
I am indeed, but I feel a bit bad seeing as the actual icon wasn't completely mine. But thank you so much for you help :)

Lets see what other people think.
halfbuiltrobot said:
One thing I noticed..... have you made your logo in photoshop?....try rebuilding preferably in InDesign or Illustrator, and export as an EPS, so you have this as a vector element.
You can always import the EPS into shop to mess with a fancy version for web use etc after.
Yeah, I used Photoshop. I did initially use Illustrator but my trial has expired so I don't think I can export it to EPS. But yeah, ill try and get InDesign sometime soon.


Staff member
gilmore - you're a student, get a cheap adobe education license for the cs suite, obviously some t&c's regarding work etc but it's an option :)
pay!? erm I mean yes, yes I did. The education suits are slightly limited in some way I think. I remember using the education version of photoshop back at school and you couldn't do half the things you wanted. Worth looking into the features first before **buying** if I were you.