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Redesigned portfolio site

Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by chrismitchell, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Those not following me on Twitter, just thought i would see what people thought of my revised portfolio site:

    Widdlerswee Creative

    comments and suggestions welcome.
  2. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    you've got a mix of I and we in there, pick one or the other :)

    twitter link needs to be defined more, I wouldn't know what it is without clicking it

    And if I'm completely honest, it's kind of a bit dull/lacking compared with the ones being shown in the slideshow.
  3. well its a start .. still working on it.

    thanks for looking at it Levi.
  4. mrp2049

    mrp2049 Senior Member

    The menu is overlapping slightly in chrome, and I think it could do with a stronger branding. The focus on loading Free Quotes, who are you Alexander Orlov?

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  5. thanks for that Mike, i'll look into that today, its really a work in progress. But i preferred it to my other version which is nice.

    The Free Quotes things was just something funny really... Also a bit of a splash of colour.
  6. Tom Sound

    Tom Sound Active Member

    I'd agree with Mike, a larger/more prominent logo I like your logo but it looks a bit lost on the background at the mo. Compared with some of the sites in your portfolio where the company ID is obvious.

  7. Hmmm thanks for that Tom.. I will look into making my logo larger.. it does seem a little bit lost.
  8. Northy

    Northy Junior Member

    Hey Chris.

    I agree with the other about the logo - I like it. It reminds me of the one for finch (getfinch dot com) He has a cool site - worth nicking some ideas from...

    Your screen grabs look a bit pixelated - maybe up the jpg quality?

    I like the background but I reckon it might look tighter if you put a gradient fill on it too, perhaps lighter to darker vertically? That might make it feel 'richer'?

    I think you need to have a look at the content on the pages though - it all looks a bit empty? also, is it worth having the examples on every page like that? would it not be better to have a 'my work' section with them in and perhaps some smaller images as calls to action into that section?

    Hope that helps.
  9. yeah I was thinking of developing that sort of thing... its just a start to be honest.

    thanks for looking at it Northy.

    What I really want to be able to do is create a gradient from behind the logo which would go out from there.. but thats a bit more difficult ... especially when I don't want to use massive background images.

    I have increased the logo size.

    Now to work on the different portfolio work stuff for the pages and some other bits.

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