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redesigned homepage

Some of the images take a bit of time to load, and you need some padding on that text, the lines are very long.

I like the top section, how about making the text headers pink or something...
What about putting the content in some kind of container? Like a simple 800-900px wide container with a slightly lighter colored background and then maybe some sort of simple shadow...I don't know but I agree with mikey that the lines are real long on the content areas especially since I have a 1680x1050 resolution.

I love the header tho, real cool idea.


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I like the colors and the header a lot! But I don't think you should use Georgia for the regular content, it looks fine on the headings though. I wouldn't add the budget input at your contact form, it makes you look too eager/greedy (whatever the word is).


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yeah, agreed :D

as for the contact form query... that's in place as I have to get an idea of how much they think they're going to pay... but i agree.. maybe just taking the automatic text would be good


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sorted the problem!

the PHP contact form was stopping it doing something or other, don't know why. I just deleted the form and copy and pasted it back in, uploaded it, and it worked again. Literally exactly the same code.

Oh well!

Any more tips or hints i could put into action?


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I still think you should use a sans-serif font for your main content... and try coding your next site by hand so you have more control over your code when updating your content or design ;)

.style2 {    font-size: 14px;    padding-left: 30px;[B]    font-family: Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, sans-serif;[/B].style5 {    font-size: 15px[B]    font-family: Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, sans-serif;[/B]}


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I'll give Sans-serif a shot. TBH, i do hand code stuff when I have double monitor, which I'm getting when I get my iMac :D


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So i can view the text editor on one monitor and the preview on another. it's just me being picky but otherwise my head goes crazy. :D


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I really like the header, is simple and effective but... I dunno if this is after you changed it but the cloud at the top and the cloud on the left is cut off and it looks a little odd since the cityscape style part stretches right across. Could you maybe center the main content and header and move the header image up so that where the cloud cuts off there isn't a white space above it and just add the bit that's missing on the left cloud?

I'm not sure I like how you've displayed your previous work... I think probably because the images of the webpages aren't centered in their boxes, and one has a black background and the other has the same colour background as the page. Would be better IMO to standardize how you are displaying the images and maybe reduce the size of the white border...


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agreed psygon. all of those ideas have been on my mind, i just haven't got round to sorting them.

great that someone thinks the same tho :D


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Hi Tim,

Just took a look.

I really like what you've done with the header, it's good to have some hand drawn elements. I think your navigation could be a little stronger/more obvious maybe something like some pink (hand drawn or in a similar style to your font) arrows pointing to it "click me to move around" - something like that...

I like the idea of having the site all on one page, I've seen it done really successfully & considered it for my own site - what I do think you need to do is define the heirachy/sections more. One consideration is that once your at a section there is no further navigation without returning to the top of the page, you could have a fixed position div a third or so down the page and floated right of your content so it always appears, although it would be good for it not to ruin your header, maybe the header nav could move over to the right and act as both.

One thing I don't think will work quiet so well is having the blog as part of the one page site, IMO you'll probably need to create a seperate page/pages for that...

Use divs to seperate your content and style your page like <div id="folio"> YOUR CONTENT HERE</div> <!--ends content-->

That way you can target the sections in your style sheet use background images for sections if you whish etc etc. (ie in the style sheet would be #folio { your css }

I hope that helps - keep up the good work


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:D thanks tbwcf. i'm gonna add a separate blog site later on, with a new domain... have to get round to buying it first.

i think i'll consider a magic nav thing that follows the user down the page for the nav. thanks for the tip :D