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Rebranding issue related to old logo, I need some advice.

hello everybody
I have a friend that own a small company for laser cutting, making wooden products and gifts. So my friend asked me to continue working on the brand.
But they have a logo that's kind of strange to me, hence, I told him that we need to work on the logo and do another one, but he said he likes that one and that people know their product with the logo . although the logo on screen looks different than when it's engraved in wood. // I don't know if I'm allowed to upload an image of the logo. so I will upload a part of it. //
so the guy agreed to apply some fixes, like removing the shadow underneath the shape.

But I thiInk the color has a high contrast that's when it's added to a layout it kind of radiate pulling your eyes toward it and sometimes becomes annoying.

I want to know what are the limitation that will be caused because of this logo, and if you were me would you insist on changing the logo or, would you maybe change the color and work from there??


Paul Murray

Staff member
It's hard to give a clear answer since we're only seeing a crop of the whole logo. The geometric pattern is something of a design trend that was very popular a year or so ago, but probably doesn't add anything of value to the final logo. For a logo that's engraved in wood I'd be looking for a solid shape, unless your friend is able to get the smooth gradients from the pattern applied to a wooden surface.

Be weary of suggesting a new logo to any client, often they're attached to the old/current one and although a design eye will pick up errors, you can really piss people off my telling them they need a new logo. Sometimes they do, sometimes they can get buy with a crappy one, it depends on how they conduct their business and to whom.
Thanks a lot
am I allowed to upload the logo?
and if I'm not, do you think what i said about colour is true or just It's subjective??


Staff member
That looks like one of those polygon style logos which have kind of had their day a bit.
In all honesty, If they're wanting to use it on laser cut/etching then it completely the wrong sort of thing as it's full of gradients and far too complex.
I'd say it needs to be much more simple and work in one, solid colour.

Hard to say without seeing the full thing though.

Paul Murray

Staff member
It's not terrible, but I agree it could be a difficult identity to work with at times. This is true of every logo though, I'm working on stuff for some large corporate brands at the moment, and am constantly being restricted and told "we can't do that" because of existing brand guidelines. It's your job as a designer to work within those boundaries and limitations. After all…

I told him that we need to work on the logo and do another one, but he said he likes that one and that people know their product with the logo
…the client doesn't want it changed. Perhaps further down the line they'll come round to the idea of a change but for now you'll probably have to just work around it. See it as a challenge, not a hindrance ;)