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Really nice minimalist design

Good stuff. Interesting how the designs often look better when stripped back - Durex and Red Bull in particular. Similar, in a way, to Waitrose own brand packaging. I do like the way Waitrose has embraced good design on their own products.



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Did no-one reply to this in three weeks? I meant to but I was at work when I first read this thread.
I really like the simpler designs. I almost bought a pack of Country Crisp the other day simply because of it's (relatively) minimalist design on the box!



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Im actually a very big fan of this.

Such a fan infact, that Ive 1. tried my own quick one (dipped out on the top label though!) and 2. think this should be a comp on DF at some point!


The Jordan's packaging is great, but yes I think that the stenciled logo looks a little militaristic although, having said that, it could just as easily be the kind of type you'd find stamped on the the side of a wooden goods crate. Rustic.

The Ketchup is nice as well. The ketchup bottle is iconic.

I was once perusing the Landor website and came across shots of either Miller or Coors (I forget which) packaging that they'd designed - sumptuously shot, beads of condensation trickling down the frosted glass. I liked it so much that on the way home I stopped to buy a four-pack! As a consumer I've always been susceptible to good packaging.


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im also be one to buy something for its packaging - there's various alcoholic spirits that I want to try just because the bottles are pieces of beauty - and that's just the start!

So then Greg, what about this comp idea? ;)


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Hi Phil,

I'm not too sure if it would allow enough creativity, would seem to be more artworking skills to take an existing product and deconstruct it to it's minimal design?