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Really need to rant!

Discussion in 'Printing & Print Design Forum:' started by Artyfart, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Artyfart

    Artyfart Member

    The new SHISTAPRINT ad, I work in a area which is stuck in the dark ages to be honest (Whitby) yes it's beautiful but it IS Heartbeat country in every sense of the word. They have NO idea of the importance of marketing which is why the start and fail rate of businesses (mainly hotels and B&Bs) is massive! Whilst Shista I mean Vistaprint are doing such ridiculous bloody offers how the hell does anybody stand a chance? I had some pillock want me to draft up a branding and he wanted to have a look at i,t IF it was good (against Vistaprint that is!!!:icon_mad:) he would go for it but he wanted me to do it at the same price!!! :icon_mad:

    Obviously I sycophantically told the lovely gentleman TO GO STICK IT! Well you get the drift!

    Annnnnd breath.....
  2. Kev Clarke

    Kev Clarke Member

    Why don't you get some terms and condition in place or a contract signed beforehand, this will stop the problems associated with spec work?
  3. It helps to come to terms with the fact that not everyone is your customer (yet). Those that would spend hours shopping around to save £5 value their own time so little, and value yours at less. You want them gone as quickly as possible else they'll drive you mad and drive you under. A find a polite "I offer a premium service and it sounds as if right now you'd be more comfortable with a budget route. Here are the details of *insert name of your most tedious competition here*. I hope that's of use and at some point we'll be able to do some business ourselves." If things go badly with the budget route - guess who they'll call? (and when they do, their expectation will be to pay more for a better product.)

    I hear your frustration though!
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  4. Artyfart

    Artyfart Member

    Thanks Clarke I'm going to get right onto that! I was considering having a form to officially sign off work and have a clause in there too as per way of a contract but as I live in such a remote place where everything is word-of-mouth here I didn't want to be so formal. I really thought I could do without it but I think not! Thanks for your suggestions. It's nice to know you have have a pop to people who know what you're on about! Ahhh thank God for this forum! lol
  5. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    There are lots of other UK based printers that are not only cheaper than the printer mentioned but offer much better quality and service, you just have to shop around.
  6. Artyfart

    Artyfart Member

    Yes, well I've chosen mine! ;o)

    ARRIVALS Well-Known Member

    Great line, I think I might consider using that one.
  8. Katedesign

    Katedesign Well-Known Member

    Yes - I think having that tatooed on the inside of the eyelids could be a good idea!
  9. opalprint

    opalprint New Member

    lol. I think most people get this problem right now.
    How i LOVE vistaprint customers... Best thing is, they dont even know how *rubbish* the stuff they buy from there, really is.
    If you are a designer, i would tell them that its the design that will get them the business. Regardless of how much they have spent on the print, whether its £5 from vista print or £200 on, they are wasting the money and wont get a single customer if they have a poor design. Also, vista only allows to use a template, and if they dont use a template and upload their own artwork its probably someting out of MS paint...

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