Random password generator: request for feedback


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I have developed a website that generates strong passwords. Its progresive web application.
I would like to hear your feedback:
  • Is website easy to use?
  • Do you like the design of the website?
  • What should I improve on the site?

Here is the design of the first screen (clickable image):



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Regardless of the above points the op asked for specific feedback and it would be great to stick to that.

Regardless if you need one or not or if your browser can do that already ... i too searched for password generators Nd got 28,000 hits.

I presume this is a project and looking for feedback on the points mentioned?

If the op can elaborate on the purpose of the site.


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OK: here's my observations:
  • Is website easy to use? - No. If you need to use a password generator then there are too many options in the checkboxes
  • Do you like the design of the website? - Not really
  • What should I improve on the site? - keep it really simple. Bin everything except for a single button that generates a random password. You can then have a an option to change the number of characters.
And there are no contact details anywhere on the site. And how do I know you aren't scraping my IP/email address along with the generated password?