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Discussion in 'Tenders & Services Required Forum:' started by houmie, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. houmie

    houmie New Member


    I have started a one man company a while ago next to my day job and am trying to get a product off the ground.

    I am looking for a professional logo designer that is able to create a product logo for me. The product is a CRM (customer relationship management) that is hosted on the cloud and has social media integration.

    The name of the product is ChaseBot

    The look and feel of the logo shall be a catchy Web 2.0 style or even better. The theme shall be maybe a funny robot chasing after customers and sales leads...

    I am open to new ideas.

    When sending me your quotes, please don't forget a link to your portfolio so I can see your previous work.

    I have previously used an excellent designer here in the forum to do my company logo for £200. But that included branding & four weeks research of what to do. This time the scope is much clearer and therefore should be a faster job. I think its fair to provide a budget of £125 for this product logo. If you are happy to work with me please contact me.

    I need to get a clear picture of your idea and how you would like to do that maybe with a rough pencil sketch before I can hire you. Once I like your initial idea, we could then agree on the first half of payment and take it from there to the next level.


    Kind Regards,
  2. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    Budget aside, requiring people to provide bespoke ideas prior to selecting and engaging your designer is basically asking people to give up their time and energy for nothing. Sadly for us all there are probably people around who need the money but that's no justification for exploiting the situation.
  3. pcbranding

    pcbranding Member

    Branding and 4 weeks research for £!

    Good luck!

    ARRIVALS Well-Known Member

    I wonder who the fool was that did 4 weeks of research and a logo for 200 quid?

    How about you add a 0 to that budget and we might consider it.
  5. Marketing Quotes

    Marketing Quotes New Member

    Maybe this designer was a student looking for some extra cash to spend on Freshers week ;) Soon they'll be charging £5 for websites. Its ludicrous.
  6. houmie

    houmie New Member

    Thanks DaveL for clarification.

    I must admit I have worded it wrongly and people here seem to be very sensitive. I apologize for that.

    If a 2 min sketch upfront to see the skills of the designer is asked too much, then I back off from that request.
    I hope it is ok if I asked at least for a portfolio to see the previous work of the designer?

    Otherwise all budget I have is £125. If anyone has some spare time to make a logo please come forward to make business. Otherwise please just ignore this posting.

    Kind Regards
  7. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    If anyone is interested in creating a logo for the posters budget, please contact him with your porfolio so he can make a decision, thanks...
  8. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    Asking to see a portfolio is the standard approach; asking for sketches isn't for the simple reason that, while it may take two minutes to produce the sketch, it can take considerably longer and requires significant experience to come up with a good idea and that's basically what you're buying: once someone hands over that idea without any commitment from you to pay for it, what's to stop you from walking away with it and getting someone with the technical skills to turn it into a finished logo on the cheap?

    That's the reason.
  9. houmie

    houmie New Member

    Why would I want to do that? If someone came already with a great sketch, I would trust this person to finish it. Why should I take the sketch to a junior who has no feeling of the actual idea? This makes no sense to me and I am not type of person anyway. I have already hired once a logo designer here a while ago for two jobs and another time I ordered a print job from here. All three times I have paid in full and on time and I am sure these people can vouch for me.

    None the less I understand the paranoia here and have already backed off from it.

    I must also give a feedback for you senior designers, who are so full of yourselves. You guys should work on your customer relationship a bit more and treat your customers in a more professional and respectful way.

    This is the third time I am offering a paid job here (once a logo and another time a print job) and each time I had to go through the similar comments. There is always something to whine about, the offer is too little, or the print job is too small etc etc.

    If the job offer doesn't suit, it should be simply ignored. There is no need to create such havoc each time. Its just bad for your own business, since next time I won't take this crap any more and just go somewhere else with my money.

    So much to support the local business and don't go abroad approach...
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2011

    ARRIVALS Well-Known Member

    Because that is what many, many people do. Specifically people who offer such low reward. So due to the fact many designers experience this so often, it is first nature to expect it again.

    Why are you surprised 3rd time round? If you were told last time that standard procedure would be to see a portfolio and invite quotes, why this time would you ask to see sketches? The fact is, we are professional people offering professional services, and as such expect a professional fee. If you don't like the fact that us, as professional designers, have opinions on what you'd like for your budget, may I suggest you try somewhere else.

    No problem at all, and good luck. :icon_thumbup:
  11. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    Woah, woah, WOAH!

    I actually had some respect for the fact that you appeared to be willing to learn something about design procurement from the feedback you'd been given and was merely offering a bit more in the way of explanation.

    I also think that what you've now chosen to interpret as paranoia/being full of oneself is actually sensible working practice based on masses of anecdotal evidence from across the design sector; I'm sure that you wouldn't nick an idea and cut out the ideas man/woman but how are people who don't know you to know that? Surely the best thing to do in the circumstances is to withhold ideas specifically created to your brief until such time as terms have been discussed and agreed: if I were looking for someone to create bespoke CRM software, would you do the donkey work from scratch and share the code with me on the understanding that I'd pay you if I liked it?
  12. houmie

    houmie New Member

    My comments were not pointed at you. I have already agreed to what you said initially, so I don't know what you are trying to prove here.

    I meant those who are simply trying to push the budget higher by whining and finger pointing at anyone who would accept such price, which is simply silly and unprofessional.

    And to your question no, I wouldn't treat any customer like that. I would explain in a friendly tone why this and that would not be possible, but I wouldn't jump up and down and try to be silly about it.
  13. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    It's easier to tell that you're not making reference to my post if you don't quote it at the top of your response. I'll pass on the whole 'trying to prove something' thing as I don't think it will lead us anywhere helpful.

    General speaking re: costs (and this is well-trodden ground here), I think the general consensus is that, if you want something designing, tell people what it is and they'll get back to you to say how much it'll cost and offer examples of their previous work as an aid to making your decision (design is the same as any other professional service in this regard).

    Good luck with your logo.
  14. Moominbaby

    Moominbaby Member

    I agree entirely with Arrivals and what do you expect if you have done this three times and had the same response..
    I am not a senior designer all 'full of myself', I am quiet new to this business and this kind of attitude drives me crazy and most of the time I ignore them but once in a while someone comes along whose so insistent the they're right I feel I need to say something and obviously, so does quiet a few others.

    I'm thinking about going down to Sainsburys later and seeing if the can knock me up a quick cup of tea because I've ran out of milk and I'm not sure if I like thier milk.
  15. Ian Bonner

    Ian Bonner Member

    I'm sorry but I would ask the same of you. I'm sure if we came to you for business in your field and asked you to drop your prices to half or more you would probably give the same reaction as the designers on this forum. I doubt you would find a professional, established designer on this forum that would quote you that for 2 days let alone 2 weeks.

    By all means use the designer that you used before or someone similar, but don't expect to get the same job from an established designer.

    We have just as much right to turn down job requests as you do to turn down our quotes. We are all here for the same reason. You say that we whine about job requests such as yours and should just ignore them but bear in mind that every time a client like yourself expects us to work for nothing you are driving down the price that we offer as professionals, in turn losing us work. It's hard to just watch that happen and that is why we react as we have.

    A graduate is able to offer those prices when starting out and good luck to them, we all had to start somewhere, but please do not expect us all to work under the same principles after being in the business for as long as some of the members have on here.

    Good luck in your pursuit.
  16. I have to agree with most of the comments on here, can I ask why you are not using your previous designer if they were such an exceptional worker or did I miss that part? Not trying to have a dig, but I too have been burned in the past so I can also sympathise with the other designers here with regards to the low budget and asking for work upfront - I wouldn't do it either unless there was a 50% deposit paid (Everyone is happy then).

    Are there any student designers here that need some beer money?
  17. Print-365

    Print-365 Member

    Whilst i dont necessarily agree with the original post i do find it strange that when someone posts a job on this forum, 8/10 its met with only negative comments.

    He's been good enough to explain what he's looking for, he's used someone from this forum before and he's told everyone his budget. If you feel this isn't a job for you then why not let the people this might be of interest to contribute something positive to the post.

    I'm not the most expensive printer around and i'm not Vistaprint, but when i get asked to price match or beat Vistaprints prices, i always wish that person the best of luck (if there using vista there gonna need it!) & get on with it. Usually they receive there job, its poor quality, there not happy with it & they come back to me. I dont moan at them or try to educate them, cant see the point.

    Let the guy get his logo sorted, there may well be a junior designer who wants to take on this job.....i doubt it but you never know.

    Just trying to spread a little peace around today!.....knew i shouldn't of listened to John Lennon on the way into work this morning! :icon_smile:

  18. Haha, bad idea. I think most people here are wishing him luck, just trying to help guide... That being said I am done :)
  19. Ian Bonner

    Ian Bonner Member

    Yeah thats fine so why didn't he come on here and contact the designer that did work for him before? There wouldn't have been a problem. Instead what he is doing in my opinion is coming on here to tell us how much he paid his previous designer so he gets a cheaper job from a professional.

    I have personally got no problem with people coming on here and posting for a junior to respond to a request. That's down to the junior to decide whether he wants to be exploited or not, but he has posted to tell us that his quote will be enough for us and that there shouldn't be a problem in one of us doing a job for that price because of his past experience with a designer on this forum.

    It is a problem with the design industry today that everyone who has got a copy of paint thinks they can design. Its so easy, why should we be charging what we do?! Clients like this drive the price down and I'm sure you wouldn't be happy with that in your profession Lee. He's not asking for a reduction here, he is virtually asking for a free job.

    And don't even get me started on the sketch idea....
  20. synergisedesign

    synergisedesign New Member


    Hi there.

    I can do this logo for you . I can create you a fantastic cartoon style handmade logo . Can send you some examples and work with you till your happy .

    My work is of a high standard and im sure you will love it .

    Get in touch and i will send you my portfolio as im not sure how you do it on here .



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