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Printing Good, Luton *** Please read before you give them work ***

Discussion in 'Printing & Print Design Forum:' started by Robbed, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. Robbed

    Robbed New Member, Luton

    Before you even consider ordering, please take a moment to undertake the following considerations as a risk assessment.

    Check their address via Google Maps. It will make you laugh if nothing else!

    The down side !

    They are not registered at Companies House. They are not registered for V.A.T. They do not accept service of County Court papers at their address. Their website does not display the company registration number and registered address as required by the Companies Act 2006. They have an extremely poor command of written and spoken English. Whatever you order will not be printed in the UK, will take ages to be delivered and will be wrong. The complaints department is non existent, they do not answer E-mails and sorting their mistakes will just not happen.

    The up side !

    They are being pursued by Trading Standards, HMRC are petitioning their bank, (the Nationwide) to suspend their account, Luton Borough Council are pursuing them for operating a businesss without declaring and paying business taxes in a residential dwelling.

    There is any number of adverts circulating GerogeMclaren - facts-and-figures on the internet written by a Geroge McLaren ( apparently the company marketing manager ) *** Note that his name is actually George but even he cannot spell it right ***. His phone number just happens to be exactly the same as advertised for the company. All of this information is open source via the internet and not restricted in any way but goes to demonstrate who you need to be avoiding.

    This organisation are nothing more that a cottage industry who do not and cannot provide the service that they advertise. I have lost money to them and am happy to pursue them through every available avenue until I feel that I have received my moneys worth.

    I will keep this post updated as the net slowly closes until I have them closed. Please use these people at your own risk, a search using Google will provide enough information for you to make an informed decision on your own.
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  2. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

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  3. Robbed

    Robbed New Member


    I wish I had seen the thread previously but experience is a great teacher !

    I have discovered that there is a Marketing Director for this company, a chap by the name of Colin Butler. It may be one and the same, it may not be. Strange how two people appear to hold the marketing position, one as a manager, one as a director.

    It did however amuse me that an individual using that user name did provide some entertainment on the other thread Clearly a gifted individual, outstanding command of both written English and grammar, just what you need when printing professionally and no utilisation of any technical assistance such as spell check.

    Some people just cannot help themselves.

    Stand by for further updates. Glad to see this thread immediately accessible through Google, serves to protect others.
  4. brockerhelper

    brockerhelper New Member

    Send them an email on
    They do listen to complaints very closely like in the previous thread mentioned above.
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  5. Robbed

    Robbed New Member


    Thanks for that, I did send an E-mail but by no great surprise, received no answer.

    I suspect that this is purely a one man band, operating out of a rented room, printing nothing in person but farming any orders received out to our friends in the sub-continent at a fraction of the cost paid in the UK. I have no problem if people want to do that but if it is not disclosed on their website or in an E-mail then there is a degree of misrepresentation which is what I contacted the Trading Standards about.

    At a meeting the other day this subject arose and with some hilarity I recounted my experience thus far. Believe it or not, everybody thought I was telling tales so I brought their website up on my laptop. There was much laughing as they watched the "you tube" video's, the "professionally" laid out website but the biggest laugh was for the "conditions of use". Go on, have a read, if you can understand them then you must be talking in the same language as they do. My colleagues named it bollox as in - not really English, makes no sense but we know what it means !

    Had a letter from HMRC who informed me that the wheels of governance in the UK turn very slowly and that they may or may not look at them on an unspecified date in the future. For this I am reading that they have filed my letter into box 13 as I am unable to name any identifieable individual other than Geroge McLaren or Colin Butler as being concerned with the organisation.

    I have received a couple of phone calls from the nice people at Luton Council Trading Standards who have been very helpful and supportive. They sent me an Advice guide sheet about fraud on the internet making reference to my experience. It is defined by them and I reproduce it here for clarity and the entertainment of those watching;

    Rogue traders

    Rogue traders are untrustworthy or dishonest traders who sell goods or services. When selling something online, it's common for a rogue trader:

    to advertise goods that don't exist

    to make untrue statements about the things they are selling

    to sell dangerous goods

    not to tell you about import or transport costs

    to send you different goods to the ones they advertised

    not to deliver on time

    not to deliver at all.

    If you suspect something on a website is a con, you're probably right. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    If you have a problem with a rogue trader, report them to Consumer Direct at: Or go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

    I thought it summed up PrintingGood rather well and gave me hours of fun which allowed me to laugh about them. Best medicine ever!

    Will keep you all posted.

  6. Clair

    Clair New Member

    I would just like to say thanks to everybody in the forum for your help.

    I needed some brochures printing and was on the Printing Good website on Saturday when I used their webchat intending to get some information. Thy told me that they could do my printing for my budgets price. They had quoted nearly double my budget originally and I became suspicious when they said they could still do it. I needed help with the layout which they said they would do but would not begin any work until I had paid and the funds had cleared.

    When I became worried and google searched them I discovered this forum and read what was on the posted threads.

    I also looked at their google reviews and discovered that after somebody gave them a bad review then they miraculously received four excellent reviews all on the same day where the company posted replies. I think that is fraud as they are generating positive reviews all of their own and is completely wrong.

    I went to in Luton and got lots of help in their shop with my layout, they could not have been nicer and gave me lots of options spending over an hour helping me. I have spent more money than I really wanted but at least know that what I will get will be a quality brochure just like the ones they showed me in the shop. Their time was free and I only had to pay once I had decided what I wanted and was happy.

    Thanks to and this forum I feel I have dodged a bullet having spared myself the grief of dealing with a wholly unreputable company.

    I hope those who have lost money or had rubbish goods get their money back.

    Clair x
  7. isoPrint

    isoPrint Member

    Hi Robbed

    I'd just like to way in and say not all one man band company's in this business are bad I started off as myself and strive to provide excellent customer service and i make sure i provide excellent finished products with the printing company's i work with around the UK now i have expanded to a larger work force and intend to continue to grow.

  8. Robbed

    Robbed New Member


    Thanks for your input but for propriety I deduce that being as you are in Scotland, you have no connection to Printing Good that these posts and others are about.

    Small businesses are the backbone of the UK particularly in these times of austerity. What is particularly unhelpful for anyone is a business who are dishonourable, do not comply with the law and taint the lives of others by providing little or no service for which they take another's money.

    I and others will be heartened to know that by focusing on excellent customer service and outstanding products you are carving a larger market share for your company. It is for exactly those reasons that this thread was started, those who need quality work undertaken should be given an opportunity to research who can provide a service such as you do and also be warned of the experiences of others for those who do not share your ethics. I believe that this thread has already succeeded given what Clair posted above and she too has now had her printing done professionally with the assistance that people deserve and expect.

    There was never any intention to generalise about single worker companies and from what is above I still believe that this holds true. All of that above is with regard to in Luton, it is what I know to be true by my own observation and therefore does nothing to undermine any other sole traders or emerging limited companies.

    If we knew what your company was called then I would willingly contact you when I need more printing done. Let everybody know so that we know who to look up in the forum business directory and at least when somebody finds out about Printing Good they know who to call !

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  9. brockerhelper

    brockerhelper New Member

    Hi Robbed,

    To be honest i have placed over 70 orders with them over them in the last 6 months or so. Yes couple of times there was delay but things happen some time, which is not a big deal when we are in this kind of trade. other wise they have been perfect in quality, cost and they always over delivered the quantity as well.
    i do not believe that you sent them email on and they never came back to you. you either are their competitor or some one who just kicked out of their company. lol
  10. Robbed

    Robbed New Member


    Your post has been anticipated for a considerable period. The comments, if genuine which I personally doubt, are noted.

    Your comment “you either are their competitor or some one who just kicked out of their company. Lol” is indicative of the type of English, grammar and intellect of a Printing Good representative. The way in which you have written the post only reinforces that you are in some way connected to Printing Good which was somewhat apparent from your earlier post, I am grateful for you confirming this.

    Do you actually read what other people have posted? Obviously not but I am still grateful to you because new content in a thread keeps it much higher on the Google results which retains it on the first results page thus allowing more people to read it and be warned.

    This thread was created, along with another about Printing Good on these forums, to serve others on the internet by providing information about the experiences of those who were failed by them, nothing more, nothing less.

    If Printing Good undertook their “business” in accordance with the rule of law then the likelihood of their being mentioned in a negative way would not have occurred. They have no shop and trade solely through the internet, it necessarily follows therefore that the proper medium to place feedback should be that which most people use most. It is clearly working.

    No one asks people for references or background information anymore, they simply ask Google. If your name turns up in news reports, legal filings, reputational commentary or complaints you're likely to get passed over. When people Google your name, they take the results at face value and judge on that information.

    Businesses that trade on the internet need to be aware;

    Negative content hurts
    The longer a bad link appears in your search results, the more people see it and the more damage it does to your reputation, finances, and business.

    There are no second chances
    Because it's so easy to look elsewhere on the Internet, unflattering search results can severely limit new business.

    The Internet never forgets
    Once something negative is posted online about you it's there forever, slowly eroding what is left of your reputation and limiting opportunities.

    Nobody can delete that content except me or the moderators. Everything I have posted is from open source, is what I know to be true from my own observation and does not conflict with the rules of the forum, it is therefore likely to stay ad infinitum particularly as it would appear to be providing assistance to others just as intended.

    All that was ever required is a willingness to correct what they got wrong, something they chose not to do. For every order that is not placed with them as a result of the publication of my experience and others like me, then the scale of redress tips forever slowly in our favour.

    If Printing Good want all this to go away then they know what to do, the longer it continues and the more commentary provided then the more harm they do to their own business. I will leave you with a quotation from the book Managing Business Ethics written by Linda K. Trevino and Katherine A. Nelson;

    "Many businesses have gained a bad reputation just by being in business. It is the manner in which these businesses conduct themselves that brings up the question of ethical behaviour."

    "Good business ethics should be a part of every business although some can be seen not to think too highly of them. For them, money is the only deciding factor."

    In the end, it is up to the public to make sure that a company adheres to correct business ethics.

    Ab alio spectes alteri quod feceris. Aut viam inveniam aut faciam

    Robbed :thumb:
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  11. brockerhelper

    brockerhelper New Member

    Woooo wooo

    Lets say for a minute that you are a genuine here yourself, PM me your order number etc , let me help your to resolve this issue.
    Regarding my english, No i am not English so please ignore my language. Get your work done rather than pointing out my mistakes for writing etc. I have very good relation with them and i can help you.
    I you will not PM me your details i will assume that you really are just trying to ruin their business.

    about the shop?? no big online companies have shops..... they work online
  12. Robbed

    Robbed New Member


    Thank you for your reply, always nice to have confirmation that my deduction was quite correct.

    For the purposes of your esteem I will refrain from further accentuating your grammar and spelling but feel duty bound to provide perspective on your post. I will break it down for ease;

    Woooo wooo – Not sure about this, if in doubt, say nowt.

    Let me help your to resolve this issue. - Go on then, feel free, I do love it when somebody steps up to the plate, you resolve it whilst I keep the thread updated.

    i am not English. - Me neither, your point being …..?

    Get your work done rather than pointing out my mistakes for writing etc. - Are you my boss? No I am my boss, no worries on this score then.

    I have very good relation with them. - Good for you, the first person to state that they have a good relationship with them, always glad to read a balanced view.

    and i can help you. - Go on then, fill your boots, prove it.

    I you will not PM me your details. - PM not required, we are the company who took them to Court, they already have all the details readily to hand, if there is more than one Court adjudication current then please do let me know, helps the perspective of the thread and their reputation.

    i will assume that you really are just trying to ruin their business.- No need , they are doing that quite happily for themselves, with your kind assistance of course.

    Similar to the other thread this is an example of where the riposte continues to generate more harm than good.

    If you want people to believe you can help, arrange restitution forthwith. I regret that I have a genuine held belief that your challenge now is either “put up or shut up”.

    Nobody holding their breath at this end!

    Robbed :icon_confused:
  13. brockerhelper

    brockerhelper New Member

    Just spoke to them, they have no county court case going on, so you have to provide the order number, your email address and other information for them to track your order and resolve this issue.
    if you dont have any order number, you are just a fake writer.
    Before you say that you cant give your order number or your email etc here in this thread (as you said you dont need to PM me) that will even clarify the readers you are fake writer.
  14. Print-365

    Print-365 Member

    Hi all,

    Just been reading through this post & became a little inquisitive (as i am) so decided to run a credit check via

    This is what i discovered....

    Business Name: PRINTINGGOOD
    Telephone: 01582 806732
    Principal Contact: MRS SANDRA MCCRACKEN

    Risk : A little higher than average risk - Proceed With Caution.

    There is 1 outstanding CCJ totalling £271.00, the last unsatisfied CCJ was issued on 12 Apr 2012. Case No: 2QT33533.

    Personally if a company has an email address just dedicated for complaints (as it would seem these do) then that can only re-affirm these posts and the posts on the previous thread!

    Must get back to the sunday roast!
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  15. Minuteman Press

    Minuteman Press Moderator

    Hi Print-365,

    Who do you currently use for your credit checks?

  16. Robbed

    Robbed New Member


    Many thanks. An independant individual always provides much weight to the truth. Peter: - These links will help; Check other people and businesses for CCJs, judgment and fine records - Trust Online or Company Credit Reports | Business Credit Check with Riskdisk.

    Not surprising to notice that "Brockerhelper"'s login is being used by more than one individual.

    Just spoke to them, they have no county court case going on, - Now this is technically true, the case ended with judgement being entered.

    you have to provide the order number, your email address and other information for them to track your order and resolve this issue. - Given that we have established that the Court papers included the required information I do not believe that we will do that. Now before anyone starts complaining that they did not know anything about it, covered that one, sent the notice of impending proceedings Special Delivery Signed For which by no surprise was actually signed for.

    Ad respondendum quaestioni

    Robbed :focus:
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  17. Print-365

    Print-365 Member

    Hi Peter,

    I signed up to Company Credit Reports | Business Credit Check with Riskdisk about 2 years ago for £250, was worth every penny.

    Dont hardly use it anymore as i dont offer credit accounts very much anymore.

    Have tried using CreditSafe but much prefer riskdisk


  18. brockerhelper

    brockerhelper New Member

    Clearly Shows, you are not here to resolve this matter and just want to spread out FAKE and BAD Words about them. IF YOU WANT TO RESOLVE THIS MATTER YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR ORDER NUMBER OR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR THEM TO TRACK YOUR "SO CALLED ORDER" AND TO RESOLVE THIS MATTER.

    "There is 1 outstanding CCJ totalling £271.00, the last unsatisfied CCJ was issued on 12 Apr 2012. Case No: 2QT33533."

    If you really have done the credit check on them (with out their concern/permission, which i know is breaking the law) you must have received an email confirmation from your credit check company. Can you email a copy to me of that on brockerhelper(@)
    If i do not hear from you "Print-365" i will surly help that company to gain their reputation back No matter what. I am christian and I WILL STAND FOR TRUTH.
  19. Robbed

    Robbed New Member

    And now the truth be out………………..

    Brockerhelper, we have established that you are not directly connected to Printing Good. You cannot deliver what you have stated. Your credibility is now so low we are now only being entertained by your vociferation.

    IF YOU WANT TO RESOLVE THIS MATTER YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR ORDER NUMBER OR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR THEM TO TRACK YOUR "SO CALLED ORDER" AND TO RESOLVE THIS MATTER. – I really do not understand why you continue with this, it is apparent that you are just not getting it. It is not going to happen!

    I tried to resolve this months ago and nobody wanted to communicate with me. E-mails went unanswered and therefore we reverted to the law which has taken its course. Printing Good received all the paperwork from the Court, they know who we are, quite why you think that anybody would deal with you now is really rather beyond me. Get over yourself, you have no part in this, you know it, I know it and everybody who reads the thread knows it.

    This thread is not about resolving anything, that is what the law is for. It is about providing my experience for the benefit of those who do a search using Google in order that they are aware of what may happen should they decide to do business with Printing Good.

    For your information, by clicking on the links in the post above you would discover that undertaking credit checks is not only lawful it is commonly done. I reproduce the information from Trust Online linked to above only because it did not occur to you to look for yourself;

    Trust Online is a quick way to check businesses or people. Can you trust them? Should you do business with them? Are they what they seem? Get access to the OFFICIAL registers for court judgments.

    It amuses me that you expect the person who undertook the check for you and then posted the result onto the thread to E-mail you. According to you what he did is unlawful, you really do not help the cause and portray Printing Good in a much worse light than they have for themselves.

    All of the relevant information has been posted, if you still doubt it do a check for yourself. The truth is right in front of you, the fact that you do not recognise it will clearly remain a major stumbling block that only you can overcome.

    Please now desist preventing endurance of your rather contradictory and incongruous comments. You cannot help, we all now recognise that, I shall content myself by ignoring any more of your repetitious rants. :crazy:

    Robbed :thumb:
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2012
  20. Print-365

    Print-365 Member

    Hi Christian,

    Anyone is permitted to perform a credit check against a company, with or without there permission and this is legal. However to perform a consumer check against a person/individual is illegal as you have to have there permission, maybe this is where you are getting confused, but the two are completely different. Someone would perform a consumer check against an individual if that person were seeking a credit card/loan/hp agreement etc etc.

    Attached is a copy of the credit report as obtained 'legally' through Risk Disk, i have nothing to hide or gain from either party so its here for all to see.

    A CCJ against a company does not mean that company is crap, it means that someone wasn't happy with the finished product/item and the matter couldn't be resolved so it was up to the courts to decide in one favour or the other. Its how the company manages to deal with the complaint that separates the good from bad. Just done a credit check against Tesco, they have 11 CCJ's against them since 2010, does that make them a bad company, absolutely not but i bet thats less than 0.5% of complaints received.

    Every business will get someone who isn't happy with the finished job/product regardless of what industry your in at one stage or another.....its how you deal with that complaint and still make the client go away happy that counts!

    Non-Registered Business Report.jpg
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