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Printer Ink Sources?


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I own an Epson Stylus Photo R300. It's a smashing runner and years ago I had a regular source for reliable, exceedingly cheap (about £36 for a set of 6), yet Genuine, Epson inks. Unfortunately, to quote Withnail, "the bastard must've died!"

Now I've looked on eBay and some other online retailers, and the best price I can find for genuine inks now is about £52.99 for a full set of 6. I've also looked at Compatibles, which have served fine on occasion, but I notice the prices of those are SOOO ridiculously cheap (£3.99 for a set or even £43.99 for 72 full sets??? Madness, and obviously crap).

Ideally I'd like cheaper genuines or less-cheap compatibles. Any ideas where I could find such a thing? Unfortunately the £52.99 option is a bit above my pocket at the mo, but I don't want to put pure slurry through my equipment either.


Staff member
as daft as this sounds have you checked amazon.co.uk, they're the cheapest for my canon inks, although they've gone up £10 since my last purchasing session


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As daft as it sounds, I hadn't actually! There appears to be the same bizarre mix of genuine & expensive, and suspiciously cheap compatibles, and I don't want to go stupidly cheap because that's just asking for trouble in terms of print quality and reliability. I have spotted a set of InkRite cartridges for a sensible £18.99 though, and they've given me decent colours in the past. I think I'll go with that for now. Wonder what happened to the guy on eBay I used to use... Epson must've had him killed or something. Thanks Levi.