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Print quote - Letterheads


New Member
:icon_rolleyes: I know sorry.

I have started a startup business and working from home. I might move soon, so I can't afford printing 500 for nothing, when I have to order again.

Therefore 50 for now. It should be enough for correspondence with HMRC for now, until everything gets more serious. ;)

No way you guys could do an exception for me? :icon_notworthy:


New Member
50? :icon_eek:

...you need a digital printer, although you won't be able to overprint digitally printed ones with a laser printer, we start at 500 and these are run litho > Letterheads

Oh by the way, I have a inkjet printer. Would that be able to handle digital printed letter heads? Would it look professional? What are my alternatives?

Many Thanks,


Staff member
You will likely find that printing 50 will cost alomst as much as printing 500. The reason is that with small run printing (be it litho or digital) the setup cost has to be included somewhere.