Print Me It and Genie Design & Print


Hi Toyegraphics,

I can help you with this...... In June - August 08 i used personaly i have'nt had a good experience with them as a reseller... scratches on business cards, leaflets folded the wrong way, not good quality paper used and the very last thing that put me of was a massive delay on takeaway menus, they had no idea where the menus got lost.... found out they get there prints done for germany....

according to all this what i personally think is, printmeit uses printcarrier as there suppliers... as you have might read there are loads of complaints against printcarrier regarding on, service, quality and delays also get there prints done for germany they all link up with printmeit....

If theres anything else to ask plz be free to leave a message hope the info i given will come to use to you...

peace out guys....
Hi Pete,

Yeh definitely ill get intouch with you... i was looking for a graphic designer may be we can do something together... i see your website is is getin some changes done ill be looking forward to have a wee your business home based

Genie Design & Print - Rubbed me up the wrong way


I can't speak for 'Print Me It', but I'd like to share my experience of 'Genie Design & Print'.

I was very unimpressed with both their customer service and the quality of the prints. It is a small firm with only a handful of staff. My experience with their younger female member of staff was fine, but I had the misfortune of speaking with the manager, a Ms Laura Wheatley, who has mastered the art of how not to treat a paying customer. In future, I'll be looking for a printing company with a decent level of customer care and print quality.
Hi Prestige Prints,

Peter toye, Toye Graphics here. I noticed your in morningside edinburgh. Im actually out in loanhead in midlothian.

i see your just starting up? it would make two of us. Give me an email:
Loanhead eh? I know this is an old thread, but I'm currently out in Bilston, just round the corner. Are you still in Loanhead?

Sorry for the thread hijack. :icon_blushing: