Post a photo of your work space


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Just seen a great little feature on the BBC News magazine with 10 photos of the most chaotic 'creative' work spaces, worth taking a look if you think your studio/office is untidy! This is a new league...

BBC NEWS | In Pictures | In pictures: Your chaotic work spaces

"I'm a photographer," says Michael Morphis. "I mostly do landscape and cityscape portraits. After photographing I will spend countless hours photoshopping. Everything else takes a back seat. I've spent weeks at a time in 10 to 12 hour editing sessions."
I'm going to take a photo of my home office in the morning to post up, might give it a quick tidy as don't want to be associated with the chaotic work spaces! So when you next have chance take a quick snap of your work space and post it to this thread :cool:



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Is this the cue of every designer madly cleaning their desks - hiding all the sh*te - and polishing up every little bit of apple they've got?

Anyone got any Mr.Muscle handy??????


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Jeez, can anyone work in such clutter? I insist on a clear desk and tidy policy at work. I want to see order, structure and a discipline in the mindset of the Creative dept. There's a fine line between clutter and creativeness. An agency environment is like sharing a flat with others, the untidy free spirited ones really piss off the others who have to vacuum up for friends coming round.


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Gaz said:
I seen your workspace in real Greg. That poor pencil case. Lets have a minutes silence lol.
Ah! It's all changed since then Gaz, a new huge corner desk from IKEA! Will get a pic posted up soon, and yes we must pay our respects to the pencil case which was sacrificed for that Uni project :lol: was worth it in the end though!


Eagle said:
A tidy desk is the sign of a sick mind...
Haha! I try to keep my desk clinical when I can, although most of the time its a right state.

When I get back tomorrow I'll post a pic.


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Nice setup Lee, I like the overhanging light, for some strange reason reminds me of the Pinky & The Brain lab... lol. Like the monitor stands though hehe

Right I'm going to get my camera this evening and add mine tomorrow!!
I only have one monitor though :(


Mine at the moment, there's no heating in my office room so moved into the living room temporary: