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Please help


I'm interested in graphic design. Recently I saw a design that attracted my attention. I've attached two images here. As seen speech bubble is surrounded with different objects and objects made perfect bulb shape. So does anybody know how to make these kind of designs? Please help.

Thank you beforehand!




Staff member
Welcome to DF Rovshan,

I did something similar a while back and unless someone knows better I'm afraid it's a case of making the shape you want and manually dropping all the images on to fit.



Staff member
if it was all the same you could use pattern to do it but it's all random so like Scotty said, all by hand
Anyone familiar with Astute graphics? They've recently released a new version of their Colliderscribe plugin that has a function called "space fill". Looks like it'd help make this kind of effect a lot quicker. Basically you select a group of objects and a shape to mask them to, hit the button and it does the rest. You can change the spacing, number of repeats, etc. not sure how well it'd cope with a large number of items though.