Photoshop plug-in problem

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What's the plug-in? Send me a link to its download and I'll have a look for you.

Out of interest what version of Photoshop are you using?

EDIT: Have you tried changing the colour space as some I have used in the past only work in RGB mode.
Yep, that's it - it only works in RGB mode. Can it be converted to CMYK once the plug-in is used in RGB?

I use CS3.
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Yep, should be fine, open the template in RGB mode, use the plug-in then covert to CMYK, obviously, the conversion to CMYK is only needed if the artwork is to be professionally printed.
Just make sure your not using any colours in RGB that won't convert well to CMYK (bright neon'esque colours; orange, lime green, pink etc) as they will go all muddy and horrible.
Thanks I'll keep that in mind. Does the image on the screen reflect the change?
yes, when you convert from RGB to CMYK you will see any obvious colour shifts on screen.

e.g here is an orange and a lime in RGB then converted to CMYK. Difference is fairly obvious.

You can imagine the horror if you show a client an RGB proof with a bright lime green which they approve and then they recieve the final printed cards and its all muddy like that :icon_hide:

if you want to achieve those RGB colours in a professional print you will need to use a spot colour (i.e Pantone Swatches).
haha, Pantone Pro V :icon_lol:

The first thing I bought for myself when i started up myself was a complete set of Pantone books. Absolutely indispensable! *sp*