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Photoshop or Illustrator

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by SeedySteve, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. SeedySteve

    SeedySteve Member

    I know it will generall come down to preferance - but which do people use?

    I'm inclined to use Illustrator, I'm not sure why - I love the look of vector maybe, or maybe I'm just more comfortable with it...
    I rarely use photoshop - do you think this hinders developing as a designer?
  2. balders

    balders Member

    Both, they do different jobs.
  3. Jordan

    Jordan Active Member

    It depends on what you want to achieve.
    You need to use both ideally, Illustrator is best used for print and logos.
    Photoshop is best for web and pictures.
  4. balders

    balders Member

    I'm not a web designer at all but I can't get my head round that fact that PS is used for web design. I've always found it a bitch for laying stuff out in.
  5. Jordan

    Jordan Active Member

    I use photoshop, a lot use fireworks. Photoshop is the choice for me because of the layers, grouping them and making real representation of how the site would work - like when changing elements on a page.
  6. balders

    balders Member

    Wouldn't InDesign be better at that?
  7. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    maybe I'm weird but I design mine with pen and paper.... then use photoshop/fireworks/illustrator/other software to create the graphics which go on it....
  8. SeedySteve

    SeedySteve Member

    Yeah, i do sketch quite a bit, not least to brain storm ideas - but when I'm planning out the ideas I've come up with, I don't really see a use for Ps.
    I'll have to find one I think... Get my tutorial on.
    I've not used InDesign - I always that was for planning out print docs, like calendars, magazines, menus etc. . .
  9. davewill

    davewill Senior Member

    It's almost impossible to work in an agency and not use all 3.
    I use Illustrator for vectors, logo designs, large format vector graphics, illustrations etc
    I use Photoshop for photo retouching, designing backgrounds, textures, lighting, I add effects like grains and brush strokes, I use it for poster artwork, web banners, brochure art, almost everything.
    Then InDesign is the software that knits it all together. Ive used it for huge catalogues, brochures, posters, signage, large wall graphics etc but I dont design anything in InDesign really, I mostly design in Illustrator and Photoshop then piece those elements together in InDesign as it is great for outputting to print, especially for multipage documents.
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  10. Tom Sound

    Tom Sound Active Member

    Poor Quark, a forgotten hero of a past time :(
    Ah well, you snooze you loose, we hardly ever artwork in quark now, in fact powerpoint is more regular than quark :rolleyes:
  11. balders

    balders Member

    I shudder at the thought of ppt.

    InDesign are trying to get into anything that involves any kind of lay out on any device. "CS6 has Alternate layouts and Liquid Layout page rules, give you the flexibility to efficiently design for multiple page sizes, orientations, or aspect ratios."
  12. Tom Sound

    Tom Sound Active Member

    Err just re read my post it meant to say we hardly ever get artwork in quark. Not artwork in! We certainly never artwork in PowerPoint! Ha! But yes, alas we do get PowerPoint files, even publisher sometimes!
  13. SeedySteve

    SeedySteve Member

    Interesting to hear your thoughts on InDesign - I'll definitely have to do some research into it - Thanks for posting:)
  14. Jordan

    Jordan Active Member

    Pencil and paper is the first step for me also - I thought we were discussing software here. I wouldn't use InDesign for designing websites. You probably could, but what I know about InDesign it would make life hard.
    I use InDesign when working with flyers and multi-page docs pulling in elements from Photoshop and Illustrator . My teacher at Uni absolutely hated InDesign and didn't teach us anything, we had to go out and learn it ourselves. He worked with Quark and hated InDesign, he said "InDesign is a bad rip off of Quark"
  15. Pencil & Paper > PS > DW/FF
  16. shaunalynn

    shaunalynn Active Member

    Because I'm mainly an illustrator and hand letterer, I use Photoshop for illustrating. I'm better able to render out the hand drawn quality than I am with illustrator. Someday I will sit down and take the time to figure it out in Illustrator, but for now I prefer photoshop.
    Example: Used Photoshop for these
  17. I think illustration in Photoshop is absolutely fine. It's when you need to do more complex, and usually symmetrical, illustrations that Illy really comes into it's element.
  18. martyvibe

    martyvibe Junior Member

    I cheat.
    I scan in my hand drawn illustrations, then I tidy up the Levels and Contrast etc in Photoshop. Then I import it into Illustrator where I Live Trace it, then open it again in Photoshop and colour it from there. If the image is visually simple (not many lines, lots of open spaces etc) and not thorough, then I'll just colour it in Illustrator. I ALWAYS finish my image in Photoshop though.
    Also, pen and paper is still the most vital set of tools I own.
  19. Janifar

    Janifar Member

    I think photoshop for begginers and illustator for experts also there are more for experts. But boths are preferable for design.
  20. dedwardp

    dedwardp Member

    I think I prefer knocking up ideas in Photoshop as I've always felt more comfortable with it, but obviously where it's appropriate I then take it into Illustrator to work on the final output.
    InDesign is probably the program I actually use the most due to a lot of editorial design and so on, I do love InDesign.

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