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Photoshop Help - Please!!

I hope this makes sense, i'm hoping someone can shed some light on what is going wrong.

I have a document in Photoshop which is made up of groups. There are 3 images on this document which are all the same size.

I am replacing one of the images everytime to create a number of different documents. I have resized my images to import so that they are the same size as the original images already on the document

(Hope your still with me :icon_confused:)

Anyway, when I add the new image to the document as a new layer, it is appearing larger than the original image that is being replaced?

Any ideas??

Thank you

Tom Sound

Active Member
That is Odd?!

A quick work around would be to set up some guides, place the replacement image and scale it to the guides.

Not a solution sorry, but a work around anyway :icon_smile:

anyone else?

Stationery Direct

Staff member
I had a problem with PDF's not opening at the correct size once, opening them as a smart object seemed to sort it. Dunno if that is of any help:icon_dunno:, doubt it :icon_biggrin:
Try duplicating the group (just so you have the old one to line up to if need be), then click on the existing picture, then go to file/place. Choose your file and ensure that it is the desired filetype, ie. whatever you saved it as initially. Just another possible solution.
That's a good one

I can't really think what else could be the problem.

The only thing I could suggest is to send the files for me (or anyone else) to look over. It's a lot easier to diagnose problems with the files…