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Personal Logo Idea

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by Jordan, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Jordan

    Jordan Active Member


    I am designing myself a logo for a project at UNI, this is a brand Idea that I have had and would like some feedback.

    Part of the my project was to research a particular aspect of Graphic design. I chose Doodling so this project has influenced my ideas.

    This is still rough and is a quick mock up from some drawing I did.


    Any feedback will be great.
  2. BenJonesDesign

    BenJonesDesign Active Member

    to me the image doesnt represent the font used. The font used is good and I like the cartoony style there but the crown image is too flat. Rough it up a bit so it matches the font. Also the upper triangle seems far to far for the rest of the image, I'd bring it down to about half way in between
  3. For me the crown and typeface don't match. If the text is quirky, the crown device needs to be too - how about making the crown a few degrees off horizontal, to give it a zany feel? Or, keep the crown straight and use a more authoritative typeface, something bold a strong.

    Also, I don't get the small triangle at the top... is it me?

    And... don't make the crown so obvious; Flip the 'crown' upside down, so a [white] crown shape occupies the negative space. Makes it far more interesting to the viewer, and a sense of pride when they see it (think FedEx).
  4. Jordan

    Jordan Active Member

    Thanks for the feedback guys..

    Its funny you should mention the Fedex this was what kind of inspired by their logo.

    Looking at this further I have done some changes to the crown I agree there is something missing from the crown and dont quite gel.

    Like I say it is derived from my research into doodling and wanted to create a brand mark that incorporates that.

    The reason for the triangle at the top is using negative space to create a pencil, maybe I should change the colour to make it more obvious?
  5. Ah! I see it now. FedEx moment.

    Yeah, I like the concept, clever combination of the two images, but it's maybe a bit too cryptic. The triangle of lead is kinda floating, so maybe try and pull the two shapes together, or reverse the colours/positive space... Needs more work but definitely has potential.
  6. Jordan

    Jordan Active Member

    There is some work that needs to be done for sure, I was thinking maybe its a tad cryptic as only one person I have show so far has seen the message? Looking at FedEx I dont know anyone who spotted that first time, well thats kind of the angle I was going down anyway. :)
  7. True. But FedEx are massive, so they can get away with it. The FedEx logo's typeface looks nice and the logo works even without seeing the thing that people don't see first time*.

    *I hate talking about the FedEx thing and love to see people's reactions when they finally see it.
  8. Jordan

    Jordan Active Member

    Yeah I see what your saying with the not seeing but still being a legible logo, I am gonna keep working on this idea..
  9. Krey20

    Krey20 Senior Member

    I like the idea. Perhaps you could try moving the 'floating triangle a little closer, then getting rid of the middle prong of the crown and making it a square shape, in the negative space. The straight lines would lead the eye up to the 'floating' triangle, forming a base. While at the same time it will make it look as through the crown has a pointed top piece.

    Just an idea. Hope it helps. I'd also try a cleaner text to fit with the clean lines of the negative space icon. Even though the projects roots are in 'doodling' no reason why you can't have a clean cut result.
    At first I thought 'king creative was just an over-enthusiastic description ;)
  10. Jordan

    Jordan Active Member

    Hi Krey, thanks for the feed back, I dont really understand what you mean with regards to crown having a top peice. if you could do me a quick visual that would be great.

    The crown in going to be made less straight to match with the type, I want this logo to represent doodling as much as possible. I will post my other ideas when I get chance. I have made the crown less formal and clean and changed it for a more illustrated abstract crown.
  11. Jordan

    Jordan Active Member

    Hello just got a bit of time so thought would play around with some variations of the logo. tried some other colours too just trying to get the shape nailed down first could use different colours to suit the purpose of the brand ect..[​IMG]
  12. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    I like the spike crown/pencil image best.

    Not sure obout using the word 'creative'.
  13. Jordan

    Jordan Active Member

    What would you use Typo? maybe using the word 'Design' would work?
  14. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    Maybe 'Graphics' or as you suggest 'Design'.

    I just think Creative gets over used these days....mind you so do the other two.
  15. dedwardp

    dedwardp Member

    I really like this one - saw the negative spacing initially but it's certainly a lot clearer now with the different colour and when made smaller. The font feels really suitable and it's a nice finish - like it a lot.
  16. vectoranvil

    vectoranvil Junior Member

    I like the concept. It's good and consistent. What needs work is the type.

    I took the liberty to do a 30-minutes mock-up... it's my idea how it should look, what direction it should take. :)
    logo metrics
  17. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    The original font was better...
  18. vectoranvil

    vectoranvil Junior Member

    Maybe so; what I mean is that the font has to be adjusted to the sign, not the other way around.
  19. Jordan

    Jordan Active Member

    Thanks for the feedback guys I really do appreciate it. Originally the typeface was clean and matched the crown. I wanted to get the doodle aspect so I researched some fonts that would work well, there where a number of choices and the one used seemed to work the best. From there I experimented by changing the crown to match the type but the outcome wasn't as good or appealing. I kind of like mixing two elements, having a loose typeface with a clean symbol best of both worlds. Vectoranvil thank you for taking the time to workup a mockup :)
  20. dedwardp

    dedwardp Member

    I don't think either need to be adjusted; it works well and they already suit and complement each other. The pencil vector (with its pointed edges and so on) already has a cartoon, doodle feel to it which goes perfectly with the font.

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