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PC Monitor Advice


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So unfortunately at home I have a PC that I use for photoshop, indesign etc and it only has a small, stamp sized monitor (15inch). It makes photoshop a real pain to use when Im forever zooming in and out coz i cant fit an A3 spread on the screen. I cant afford to upgrade to a mac so Ive decided to buy a new monitor that I might also use to watch dvds on.

Can anyone recommend a decent sized monitor (20inch or above) that is good quality, maybe HD, but a reasonable price?

Something like this would be nice
Samsung B2430H 24 inch Widescreen LCD Full HD Monitor: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo
but maybe people have other suggestions that are better!
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That's a good price for a good monitor. I'd go for that deal straight off. Infact I'm tempted now.

I have a 23" HP monitor at home with dual 17" Dell Ultra Sharp. The HP range are nice and the the colour range refresh and all that are spot on. I use it for movies and playing the PS3 though on HDMI.
I bought it through Amazon also and cost about £170 last year.

Why not a Mac Mini and new monitor...?


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i did have a look at the mac minis when they came out a few years back, but by the time id added all the extras I felt it needed to run photoshop well enough, it was as expensive as an imac. Then again, im no expert on RAM and processor speeds and all that so if someone could let me know the spec of one that would do what I need it to that would be interesting!
I bought a new mac mini top spec with 3gb RAM last year. Does all I want to do.
£410. I sort the detail out if yer like Dave. Fun in a small box.


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thanks typo, id appreciate that. I use my PC at the moment for freelance jobs and general surfing and emailing. I run CS2 photoshop, illustrator and indesign. i dont mind what spec it is as long as it can do those basic things!
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I'd definitely go for a Samsung monitor if I was buying a new one. Haven't heard of issues from many friends who own them (including my flat mate and his 2 x 23" *mumble grumble*)

And mac mini could be worth looking at :) I think that's the route I'm going to go next (if my laptop still works)
Yup I'd go Samsung. I'm very happy with my Mac Mini. Quiet smart little box of joy.
I had a quick look over at the site where I bought it...no Minis at the mo.
I'll keep em peeled.


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I like samsungs too, never used any other brand of tft, but I'm 99% certain thats a tn panel which is not as good for colour accuracy etc when looking at the screen from anything but dead centre.

If I was looking at a samsung at a reasonable price it would be the 23" f2380
Samsung Navy series F2380 23 -Inch Widescreen 8ms LCD: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo. It's uses a PVA type screen which is comparable to the ips screens used by apple/dell (u series) screens but it doesn't have hdmi

Note: all screens should be calibrated etc for best colours :)