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Pain in the PDF!!

Hi Guys,

Can anyone help me with a problem i having when converting a illustrator file into PDF?

I have drawn a garden showroom plan, in the style of a garden designer very sketchy, in illustrator with a lot of line detail on, i have these line a 0.001pt because the document for the client is A4. The problem is when i convert my file to the PDF all lines appear at least twice as thick as the appear in illustrator and the document them looks nothing like i have designed and really congested. I am using CS5 and have adobe acrobat pro to view the document in.

Any help is massively appreciated.

Have you tried printing it rather than just viewing on screen? PDFs often show up thicker lines etc that aren't there on screen
I'll bet once it's printed it will look fine, lines of PDFs on screen do funny things for me all the time, printed out they look fine. Two L's nest to each other in Futura look especially bad on a on-screen PDF.