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Opinion on NEW Logo

I would get rid of the texture and change the font for 'Graphics' and probably 'gibbons' too - but that's just my opinion.

The 'Graphics' looks quite unprofessional. I'd also ease the tracking for 'gibbons', it isn't very readable from your display pic
Ok, Thanks guys for the constructive criticism, I will upload new improved attempts on this thread when I get the time. I would still like some more opinions please so keep then coming.
King Regards


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Keep cracking on at it. Logos tend to work best when kept simple. Ease up on the visual effects and try out some different fonts. :)
I understand where all of you are coming from, would you be able to show some new concepts or ideas I could work from if you have some spare time please, don't worry if not, I am just very busy with school work and exams. You could obviously watermark them if you wish. I would just like some examples please. I would never copy them exactly because I want to improve my skills too! :D


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It all depends on what message you want to put across through your typeface really. For instance, a bold sans-serif font might imply strength and reliability (good for something like a construction company logo), whereas a slimmer serif font could suggest sophistication and extravagance (good for restaurant menus or wedding invitations).

Have a think about the message you want to put across, then if you're short on fonts head over to a font website (dafont.com has plenty for free) and you can type your name in and see it displayed in a myriad of different styles.

Try a few things out. But I'd advise against mixing serif with sans-serif, or square with rounded.
Sorry about the quality, its shocking, will improve the quality when I have finalised my design. I uploaded the images from my phone, perhaps that's why the quality is bad :L sorry about that