Older People Icon

Dave L

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Any ideas on a positive icon to depict elderly people which doesn't make reference to failing mobility (or have any other negative connotations)?

10 design points for the best idea!



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Could you do the hair as gray/bald in middle/glasses/cardigan.

It's hard to do an icon without being sterotypical of something
Women's toilet - skirt
Conductor - uniform
Policeman - bobby hat/truncheon
Business man - tie
Business woman - skirt cravat
Disabled - wheelchair (which I hate because you don't need to be in a wheelchair to be disabled)
Sikh - Turban (I don't know if that's offensive, sorry if it is)
Bellhop - hat

Paul Murray

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What's the context/it to be used for?

I'd go for something that's a common denominator (you could call it a stereotype I suppose), something simple like glasses and a 'dated hairstyle' like below.

It's clearly an elderly couple but I wouldn't say it's a negative portrayal of them. I'd just focus on the faces/hairstyles. Just a few faint lines beside the eyes could be enough to convey age (and wrinkles are something you can't really avoid).


Dave L

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Thanks for the replies. The context is a health sector infographic for a government department. I'm quite limited in what I can achieve as it's a replacement icon for part of a set comprising very basic/reduced figures so small details are problematic.


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It can't be as detailed as some of the above suggestions as it is for an icon.

How about:

Woman with handbag & hat with flower sticking out the back

Man with hat and glasses.

Colour grey.

Walking stick would really help but I know you want to avoid that kind of stereotype.

Dave L

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Thanks again for the input, folks: the client conceded the point in the end and we went with the original idea (featuring a walking stick).