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Nominet changed policy on who.is privacy...help?

Morning, I've just received an email from one of my hosts saying that nominet has changed it's policy on .co.uk extentions and domain privacy...
Does anyone know if there any other options I can take to stop my address being made public?
Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

Stationery Direct

Staff member
As far as I am aware as long as you selected "private individual" when registering the domain you can opt out ensuring no details are displayed, if you are a sole trader, ltd company etc I don't think you can.

Not aware of any changes, what details were you sent?
Ahh, thanks Boss Hog. I think I might be panicking for no reason. On the who.is entry is does say private individual now whereas on another site I have "domain privacy" all over it.

I was just sent an email saying "Domain privacy is no longer permitted for particular extensions - .int, .jobs, .co.uk"

but I think you're right and hopefully it won't affect my particular site.