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New to online marketing. Where to start?

Tony Hardy

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Damon, that's the link I was coming in here to post.

Then once you've been through that, look into Neil Patel's sidebar, and just work your way through his courses.

See you this time next year ;)
Start with what you want to do with your Marketing, sell, promote or inform?

Who do you want to target the most, so who is your perfect customer / user ( create a persona for this, what do they do, use / interests etc)

Select the marketing avenue most used by this persona and start there. (do you want to jump in deep or just test the water?)
If you are new to online marketing best thing to do is research niches you can use Google trends or you can use buzzsumo. Then you can use the adwords tools to research the keywords and optimise pages of those site. Then build backlinks and social signals using Facebook Twitter etc. You can also build relevant links from high quality sites while optimising the site.

On page SEO:
On page SEO refers to changes you can apply on the website so that it is optimized for search engines. The most important on page SEO Tips are:
* Keyword Analysis
* Content updating
* Image Optimization
* URL optimization
* Meta tag Optimization
* Heading tag optimization
* Search Engine optimization
* Page loading time optimization
Add a good analytics program like google analytics or gostats to track the traffic, analytics play an important part in any successful campaign
Off page SEO:
Off page SEO refers to techniques that can be used to improve the position of a web site in the search engine results page.
* blog Submission
*Q & Answer, Forum
* Social bookmarking
* Classified Submission
* Article Submission
* Press release Submission
* Ppt and Video Submission
I recommend you for your guidance the most used Google's Beginner's SEO Guide which is written by experts of Google. So, I think no anything can be better than Google's own guide. Furthermore, you can take help from Moz Beginner;s Guide, SEO Book Guide and Backlinko.
You can follow top blogs from Online Marketing niche. Some of them are seoroundtable, MOZ, searchengineland, etc. Without any doubt Neil Patel's blog is without any doubt is also included in this list. There are various free online lectures website for the same, one of the most preferred is Udemy.