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New Portfolio/Blog Site Live


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Hi everyone,

After a complte overhaul of my old site I'm pleased to say my new Wordpress powered portfolio/blog site is live - GregFindley.com

I still need to do a lot of work with the copy, SEO and adding old projects to the folio, and then start adding new content to the blog, but other than that would be great to get your feedback :)

Will I get a ban if I give neg crit on the admin's site? :p

But I can't fault it - stunning work. Crisp, clean, understandable and simple. Lovely grid work, great colour scheme, perfect balance of Javascript UI niceness, and very pretty code.

Congrats! You must be very proud!


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Awesome thanks Scott!
and if I say no you won't get a ban - will that opinion change :p haha

I must admit I've had help with the coding, as that level of complexity was beyond me, but yes I'm really pleased with it, and think it fits with my new logo/identity which was the main priority.



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Already told you what I think of it Greg, its ace. Awesome website and very easy to navigate/use etc.

Pat yourself on the back!


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Thanks guys, that's good to hear! :up:

...and haven't ordered any of the stationery yet tbwcf, I will be going for the die-cut option as soon as I do though! :D


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I'm not sure if it's that great to have your portfolio (the actual page) to be in blog format... But the design is great, as I have already said in your previous topic.
And I don't like your favicon... change the grey. Blue would probably be best because transparent might not work out on some browsers (with the white G)
It looks wicked, but something about the outline of the G bugs me. Is there a way to make it just a tad smoother? Also I'm not a fan of the gray background. I dunno why but i think a wood pattern would make it look cool, kind of like the whole site is a business card.

Seriously awesome work! Very nicely done.


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Very very nice Greg.

JUST ONE THING i would mention - the icons on the left are a TOUCH too large - and distract from the lists.

Oh - and also - I dont think the main links really need to be underlined because the rollover effect is so nice :)

What do you think?

Well done mate.


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Site looks great!

1 major thing that really annoys me about lots of portfolios, is I want to be able to see the live site. On teh pages there is no link to the live site, understand sometimes things change so maybe only have images etc... but would like to be able to see the real deal. Also agree on portfolio being like a blog, not to keen on that either.

Other than that top job!


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Thanks for your replies everyone, much appreciated.
I'm going to work through them and give careful thought to each point raised, and hopefully make improvements where I can :)

@Craig - Sorry should have mentioned that's another thing I need to add, going to try and do that with a custom field so it displays a 'Visit Website' button graphic where relevant.

Will reply once made further revisions, thanks again everyone.
The site is clean, has a good colour palette, display's information well and keeps everything oblivious. I like your font choice for your logo, nav, titles, Amasis if I'm not mistaken. I like the cut in "g" in the active nav state (nice touch).

The things I would change.
1. There's a weird outlining going on with the logo.
2. I think if you had a downloadable client sheet It may drum up some more work / filter out time wasters. Look here, would be good to do a footer similar to this with the client sheets and immediate contact info.
3. Not sure about having comments on the portfolio.
4. I like the business card, maybe hard changing the bg of the site to the bg your using on the business card shoot. I think you maybe staying clear of this because it's getting to be an over used technique but maybe something.
5. Not sure why you have 3 "e's" on your tweet title.
6. It's a professional site so I would take off the "powered by wordpress" link. It's like a few years back when we'd have them W3C badges saying html/css valid and such.
7. The portfolio page is just the same as the home page basically. I would either have the blog on the homepage or simply remove the portfolio link, and have the home page work as the portfolio solely.

Hope some of my observations help.

EDIT: p.s. Not sure if you wanted feedback on the code, noticed a few things, let me know if you do.


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Thanks Anthony, and yes not had any complaints from him... yet :p

Thanks for your feedback Andy, that all makes a lot of sense...

1. Well spotted, it's the remnants of a slight drop shadow on a previous design in the PSD, will get that fixed ASAP.
2. Like that idea, thanks for the suggestion :)
3. Comments are/should be disabled on client portfolio posts
4. I thought about working in a wooden background of some description, will have a play around with some ideas on that.
5. I'm thinking about reemoving the tweet section altogether, as on second thoughts it might not be all that professional having the updates there?
6. See what you're saying, bit of an out-dated trend then?
7. Will give that option some thought, as the setup of the portfolio and the way that works with the blog has come up a few times now. That's a good suggestion, thanks.

Thanks very much for the feedback!

PS. Yes, please do :)


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I'm liking the client sheet idea, I may pinch that and use that with my new site, although it may seem a bit much asking people to fill it in and email/mail it back. Although it could work in favour and give them more assurance of saying what they want to say etc


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It looks really nice, but from an accessibility point of view it kinda falls flat when images are disabled. I'd recommend using a more robust method of image replacement such as the Gilder Levin method (or mine ;))

Other than that though I really like it. Nice work.


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@Harry - Thanks for the feedback, will definitely get that issue resolved as soon as I get the chance, try to avoid using images for navigation in general for the reasons you mentioned, but as I wanted to set the type I had to go with it. Not seen the techniques you linked to before, they look really useful & good to see the Harry Roberts method :D

With regards to the background, I've just tried some wood background textures, of the ones I tried I was quite liking this worn/driftwood texture faded into the grey... what do you think? http://www.gregfindley.com/images/woodbg.png



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I like that Greg, works very nicely, will finish your site off a treat

Also thanks for that post Harry, invaluable information already brought to the forum! :D
I'm having trouble deciding what to do with my current re-design, i'm also having to use images for the nav due to wanting to set my own type. Might rethink it now though.