New Logo for feedback


Hi All,

Been working on a new logo for a friends band called 'The Chah', there a pop/rock band with a soul influence. This is the logo I have been working on, let me know what you think... It needs some fine tuning on the curves, but you get the idea.




I would like to see it without the guitar head personally... as it reminds me of guitarist magazine a bit... but thats just me .. other than that I like it.


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I quite like this. The typographic guitar’s been done quite a bit that’s only because it works. Maybe augment the initial ‘h’ a little as it looks a little banjoey at the mo ;)


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I wouldn't have even known it was a guitar except for Chris's comment. Could I suggest making it just a touch more obvious please? Nothing too obvious, of course. I'm all for subtlety.

However, as a logo, whether I know it's a guitar or not, it's still looking great.


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chrismitchell said:
I would like to see it without the guitar head personally
I'm with Chris (there you go, you get one :domo: ) it's a strong logo, the guitar just doesn't feel necessary.


Cheers for the feedback guys, I will be sending it on in a week, so waiting for more feedeabck, but will probably make some changes, based on the comments


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Im going to have to be with others and say did not see the guitar to start with! Either make the c slightly more obvious or maybe just remove it or extend the end part out,

Like the type face very much!