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New Logo Design - F1C

Hi Guys,

Just bought a new domain and have started work on a layout for my website. Here are two logo's for it, what are your thoughts?

Logo 1: A speedometer Design, which has a shape of a pen, and a stroke at the bottom. I am not 100% on the "F1" Font and Colour.

Logo 2: Flast Design Shaped like a Pen tool. Again I dont think I like the "F1" font here either. It looks mashed together.

Any comments would be cool, thanks guys.


Senior Member
I love the first one except the F1 (which I assume you meant not 100%, and didn't mean 'now 100%' )
The kerning on creative could maybe be tinkered with but I'd work on the f1,,, not sure on the lack of serifs on the bottom of the 1 personally.


Senior Member
Not keen on the gradient in the F1, I don't think it needs it, seems fussy. I think you are cramming too many font together as well which is sending mixed signals.
I like the F1 arrangement in the bottom version, but the typeface makes it look too much like "Fi"
Maybe consider spelling it out as 'Formula One' or 'Formula 1'. F1 has a clear racing meaning. whereas 'Formula One' opens up the possibilites, it sounds a bit scientific, like it's a secret recipe or something.
If you use that connotation, the top design could be seen as a speed-o or measuring scales.

I think this is a good start, but there is plenty of work ahead.
You have to be clear about what you need to communicate. Have a brainstorm before sitting back down to it again, just a list of words that tell you what you want to tell others.
Prefer the frist.
like: the speedometer idea
dislike: the F1 seems out of place and not keen on the .co.uk either.

Nice work though and I would definitley stick with the speedometer idea


Staff member
Honestly they just seem clichéd and the 'f1' design is fairly similar to the f1 website design.

What's the first things you think of when hearing f1 - speed and chequered flag followed by racing car and then probably lewis hamilton (due to the amount he's shoved down our throats during f1 seasons). Jenson/Brawn might get a look in this year though.


Senior Member
I really like what ou did with speed/pen very creative.

F1 idea is slightly obscure maybe there needs to be something to link it to what you do in some more obvious way; like a tagline?


Senior Member
The logo needs to be clear and concise enough to work without a tagline, it shouldn't be something you use to get the idea across, it should be used as reinforcement.
If something else needs to be communicated it needs to be included inherently within the logo.