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My logo


I've been working on a logo for myself with the intention of using it as a starting point to then develop an online portfolio. I'd really appreciate some feedback on my efforts.

I'm using my initials and/or name for the sake of keeping it simple. The intention is to produce a clean, well-designed logo which suggests a friendly and professional tone. If possible I want to include a little wit but it's not a must.

I have attached the 3 concepts which I am happiest with - each logo in B&W and with a splash of colour. The far right logo is meant to represent a light-bulb, albeit in an abstract way, and to suggest that my design is ideas-driven - which I hope it is! The middle attempt is merely conveying communication, which is what design is all about. The far left logo has no deeper meaning, but I just liked it's simplicity.




My fave is the logo's on the left-hand side.

I'm not a huge fan of the typography used for your name - I think the stroke weight is a bit too thin for my liking and there's no real link between the logo and the font used for your name. The other thing is I'd look to do something interesting with the type apart from just choosing a font and typing out your name.
I agree, the font just doesnt work. Looking at the logos I only really like the jm image inside the circles. I would be tempted to create one more using the jm image you have put inside the circle and give it some weight, I think it would look quite effective.
Hi Mitch,

I think the linking 'J' and 'M' is working for me best, if you can develop this so that it maybe doesn't need to be within the circle this could work well. Overall a good starting point Mitch
Thanks for the feedback.

Designmatic - I agree that the stroke weight of the typeface I've used for my name is far too thin. I tried an italicised, script-like font to try and give the logo a warmer tone, but yes, it would be good to use something that was more closely related to the "JM" in the circle. I'll see what I can find.

BenJonesDesign - Yes, the "JM" needs more weight - it looks a bit overwhelmed by the circle. I guess I could just use the JM in the circle, which would solve the problem of having to find an appropriate font for my name. Might need something else though.

Dot Design - I did try the "JM" outside of the circle but it doesn't have enough character to carry itself. It would need more weight variation as I think it's too geometric and cold.

I'll revisit the drawing-board and see what I can conjure up. Thanks again. Back soon.


Senior Member
I actually like the middle one best although it's probably the least original. As mentioned the italics don't do the other two any favours. Ideally I would take the font from 2 the logo from one and the colour from 3!!
I agree that I like the blue logo, have you tried it with the two parts of the circle different colours to eachother or different shades of the same colour?

Just and idea,

Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback. I've revisited my logo now and have attached the latest attempt, taking into account some of your comments.

  • with the first logo I've thickened the stroke of the conjoined J and M and found a font to link name and icon

  • the second logo has had the bottom of the circle removed and a stroke replacing the fill. I think it looks more filament-like (for the light-bulb/ideas message). I think the type I've used for my name may be a bit light.

  • third one down uses a different J and M, and reminds me of a stamp, or a branding iron, which I quite like.

  • fourth one is the speech bubble idea but using the JM from the third logo.

I've also included each logo minus the "jon mitchell" text. I quite like the third one down without my name. Be interesting to see what everyone thinks.