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my graphic design website in flash

For me its very slow loading, then when looking at the portfolio its 1) very fast spinning, no chance to look at any work with it spinning that fast 2) this doesnt seem to be a great representation of your work in that the whole gallery section makes it all look a tad cheap.

In the about section I would get rid of the photo, in my opinion it doesnt make you look very professional.

On the links page it's obvious you're just trying to get links backs by putting other links but its really not necessary as these link backs are bound to be free and worthless.

This is my opinion so please dont take it as offense but as critique, the whole site is a bit too much, there's no professionalism in the styling, imagery, use of fonts etc. I would strip the site right back, dont go flash just keep it simple. Display your portfolio items so that they are easy to view to everyone, dont worry about fancy galleries because generally they dont look good unless they are very bespoke and unique.

Also is this a template just put together on a web builder as thats what it looks like with the edition of the wix.com badges. If so dont use any old web builder, wordspress is pretty much a standard for anyone who either doesnt know web design or simply cant afford it. There are plenty of professional templates for designers on there so give them a go.


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Sorry but your website is exceptionally bad, looks like a hangover from 1995.

I would recommend starting from scratch (without flash) maybe using a CMS platform like Cargo, Behance etc. Keep it simple, remove the absurd picture of the frog on the splash page and make your work the focus.

There are plenty of blogs you can look at for inspiration, heres a link to get started: 35 Excellent Graphic Design Portfolio Sites

Paul Murray

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I tried to look at some work, but that annoying carousel didn't seem to want to stop spinning. Ditch the Flash and look at a CMS as Ben suggested.


please, please, please stop using Flash... I agree with the CMS comments above...


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balders said:
Flash is not supported by Mac's
um some do.. you just have to install it like on windows :rolleyes:

iOS devices don't support flash, OS-X does....

Personally seeing as it was flash I didn't even bother looking at it.... flash has it's place but a website isn't really one of them these days
A thousand pardons, I was purely referring to mobile devices. I obviously failed to illustrate my point.

Funny though, I knew you would point that out.


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balders said:
A thousand pardons, I was purely referring to mobile devices. I obviously failed to illustrate my point.

Funny though, I knew you would point that out.
If you knew I'd point it out, why didn't you correct the issue :confused: :rolleyes:
Levi said:
If you knew I'd point it out, why didn't you correct the issue :confused: :rolleyes:
Mainly because I'm to lazy to go back and insert 'mobile devices' after Mac's.

Wish I had done now.....see edit.

Apologies to the op on the deviation of subject.
Hi. Adobe has stopped developing Flash and we are speaking to a number of clients who need their site converting to HTML/CSS.

As well as flash not being supported on quite a few mobile devices + mobile device usage booming it may be worth rebuilding asap!


I hate flash websites, probably a little too much, I admit. The entire point of a website is almost completely lost when it's built with flash.

Slow loading flash with no SEO ability? No.
Music? No.
'Made by' banners? No.
Navigation text the same colour as parts of the background? No.
A massive URL that no one will remember? No.
An enormous, seemingly random photograph in the background? No.
A carousel that spins faster than the wheels on the bus? No.
Replacing the globally recognised "Home" button with a "Splash" button? No.

And last but not least, I don't believe that image of you on the About page reflects the level of professionalism required and/or sought by a potential client. I don't know about your marketing strategy and who your target markets are, but from viewing that site I would say hobbyists and friends and family.

I like the background colour though and I think that used correctly the font you've chosen for the header could work well-ish. I note that on your about page you've mentioned 7 years design experience. It looks to me like you learned graphic design a long time ago and left it at that. There is a big difference between graphic design and web design, however often they are thrown together under the same name.

You mention wanting to rank highly in Google, however, I note that you do not own your own domain, do not use a business email account and obviously you haven't coded your own website - so I'm wondering how much you know about SEO and the best way to go about implementing it.

By all means have a go, but if this is your business, your livelihood, then I strongly recommend hiring a professional to do this properly - of which there are many on this forum who can do an excellent job.


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Wix... I used to have a website hosted by them, and even by checking the "Search Engines Enabled" thing, it did never appear on any page of Google, even after waiting half a year.

I don't suggest you use Wix... it's laggy and has many bugs. And about that background music... remove it.