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I'll buy it if there is something which would good reference material, but most of the time £6 just isn't justifiable :)

I subscribe to Before & After (the PDF version)

You get some brilliant stuff from there.
Ah, I thought that was free then :(.

Being reasonably skint and quite stingy with expenditure If anyone has any free emags or blogs worth subscribing to then let me know :icon_biggrin:
yeah ditto! That before and after looks good - the only problem is that I hate joining halfway through and would feel very tempted to buy the whole lot - something which my bank balance would not appreciate.
If you subscribe to before & after you get access to download the whole back catalogue of articles.


Scrap the above. they have obviously changed it since I started subscribing as you now have to buy back issues. I suppose when i joined there were only 9 back issues so they didn't see that as too bad giving it away for free.
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