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Have been searching for this pattern everywhere-- anyone know where I can find this EXACT pattern or something extremely similar to this -- ? PLEASE HELP !!!Or can someone help make this exact pattern for me --- I can pay you of course-- thanks in advance for your knowledge and expertise -- any help is appreciated.

And just in case that picture doesn't work-- I uploaded it on tiny pic as well:



Staff member
What's it off and how old is it?
If that image is a sample from a genuine Baroque period fabric, it'll probably be a one off and I dont think they had facebook in the 1700's so it's unlikely the craftsman shared his parrten. ;)
No, it is fabric made for a ceiling of home theater it was made about 11 years ago-- the designer, cant seem to duplicate it -- so needed help !
Wanted it exactly like the pictures pattern if possible or something extremely similar --- I have searched for the baroque pattern but nothing exactly like this is found -- looking for anyone's help ---please


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Don't suppose you have a better image of it? If you can't find anyone to help, get in touch with me & I'll see what I can do.