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logo, website background with flyer and business card designer needed......

hello there i am in need of some help i am starting a website and have had no luck with several designers in order to help me create a background and logo for my business. i am starting a handmade craft selling site with other things like a forum and wanted section calendar with events and fairs and am in need of a 'crafty' background with a white base and pastel colours/a hint of vinbancy and a logo with the name crafters wonderland with elements from the background on the logo if you could get back to me and let me know if you can help i would be grateful. i am also after a flyer and logo but can do this myself if the background and logo are done. clour scheme isnt a colour as this can be changed to suit



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Hi Sarah, I will be more than happy to help. I can design everything for you including your flyers and business cards.


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thats great umm i only signed up today how do i reply to you personally to send you examples or are you just going to come up with things yourself?
Hi I have just sent you an email. Feel free to send me any examples.

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Hi, Will be more than happy to help, Please visit our site and give us as much info as possible, We will then be able to make a bespoke design for you.
We are also able to print Stationery as well. Regards