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Logo & Web Design Critique


Well-Known Member
I presume you're not from the uk, but it just looks wrong without the accent on the e. It's a different
word if it doesn't have the accent. 'Resume writing' means start writing again.

As for the logo, the nib (if that's what it is) is a bit indistinct. I think 'Writing' would be better in just
the dark blue without the box.

Paul Murray

Staff member
My first thought was the pencil is upside down, implying a mistake that's being erased. I'd also lose the dots and drop the box from behind 'Writing' and reduce the spacing between the words. And you definitely need that accent – résumé
I'm afraid I can't un see a fork wrestling with the last potato wedge and a couple of peas… But do put the accent on the e and resume designing.