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Logo Review Please?


New Member
Howdy designers and developers.

I have recently finished a redesign of my main website but am a little stuck with the logo as far as ideas goes.

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I was thinking of changing it to stand out a little more but just don't know what I should go for...
Maybe place it inside a box with a heavy border, or just change the colours a little, add an image...

Any suggestions very, very welcome.
Please be honest. I'm a big boy so don't be worried about hurting my feelings :)


New Member
What's the dot on the 'v' supposed to represent? Maybe the word elevate could be higher than the word local, just an idea?
The V was suppose to represent the raised tick you see on some charts... I guess that could be made clearer, looking at it now.

I like your idea of raising the Elevate word. Makes sense :)

Thanks for the feedback.


Well-Known Member
That dot on the V does look a bit odd - might be a bit corny, but why not make it an arrow pointing upwards?
Or make it into a proper tick, as long as it still looks like a V.

I agree it could be in some kind of box to match the panel alongside it, maybe reverse the logo out of a box, then the tick/arrow could bleed out of the box.


Well-Known Member
I do like the typeface, what is it? But like the others have said, just what is the point of the dot? It seems like it's just been slung on there for no apparent reason. If there is one, then it isn't clear enough.

I do like Boss' idea of lifting 'elevate' up a bit. That would look pretty smart, and would give the logo proper meaning.

I actually quite like how it sits now. The colours link into those on the page. I don't think it really needs any type of border or box to sit in. It's the logo itself that doesn't work.
I'm not into that tick gimmick, feels like it's been done a million times before. I think BossHogs idea of raising up the word elevate would be a nice way to work this.