Logo feedback please

Any thoughts would be very appreciated. This is a personal fictitious project for my portfolio. I don't know if what I've done looks like it's awkwardly trying too hard, not obvious enough as to what it's meant to be hidden in there or over complicated? 'Maybe 'Fitness in the countryside' or similar would make more sense as a strapline? Thanks

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Paul Murray

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What was your reasoning for using hand-drawn type. I quite like the script approach, but it feels better suited to a yoghurt or smoothie or something. For some reason it's giving me soft toy vibes. I think it reminds me of Disney, or Winnie the Pooh or something. That's not to say you couldn't adapt it to work for a fitness club (who may sells their own health drinks maybe…?), but it would have to be for a more light-hearted fitness club, i.e. not a typical gym.

The main issue I see with it is it's very unbalanced. The tagline is very small in comparison and just clashes with the hand-drawn approach.. The M sticks out a bit too much for my liking, and the G doesn't feel like it matches the rest of the type. The 'ee' also feels chunkier than the rest of the text so I'd thin that down a bit. The foot on the 'n' is a bit blobby and just trails off.

I always find it's better to hand draw type like this on paper and use tracing paper to redraw it until you have looking as you want. It's not as quick, but it means you really look critically at every part of the type. But I'd question this 'whimsical' approach is the right one.


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Definitely didn't see fitness club when looking at it... didn't even see the tagline when I initially looked at it either.

I'm also struggling to see the M and G as an M and G so it reads as ill reen (with a weird 'tail') with a weird scribble to the side.


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Don't tell me - a butterfly?

Whatever it is supposed to be, it doesn't work. Definitely trying too hard, the rest of the hand-drawn lettering doesn't work too well either, I'm afraid.
This logo is saying nothing to me in terms of fitness, well-being or anything like that, aside from that .

Even if you had the perfect tagline it would be destroyed by the mismatch on fonts.

Its just difficult to read as a logo in general even it you were doing a Disney logo :)

Ironically when I shoot my eyes over at it I read ILL with a signature to the left.

I do think you have a pretty creative idea with the wings , just not executed properly and unfortunately I dont really see how it can strongly relate to fitness for the general population.


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Doesn't say fitness to me either. If it were a rabbit food brand it would be cute. Or a cosmetics or health food brand.
Also if the M isn't meant to be rabbit ears I agree with @Paul Murray that it sticks up a little too far for comfort.

The hand-done lettering is nicely done, but the soft shapes lend themselves to the messages and brand types stated by everyone already. Gyms are usually trying to send out messages of power, strength, self-pride and achievement. These are better conveyed with lettering that is bold and angular with lots of straight edges.