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Logo Design Critique Required

I'm a Foundation year student studying for a degree in computer animation at Teeside University, UK. Came across this forum a few minutes ago :) Though it would be good to get some advice for my work, don't know if this is the right forum but ill give it a go.

Okay so the first project which was given to us was to design our own logo, after researching logo designs, I started on my own, and came up with:

All comments appreciated, Cheers.
I like the initial concept -

id change the typeface for starters - big round mark with a overly thin typeface like doesnt work for me, also the k looks out of synch with the shapes that make up the m.

colours work well tho mind.

Initial concept good - needs more thought and working on.

Out of interest did you spend any time before hand sketching out rough ideas on paper?


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looks bloated.
i cant imagine having that at the top of a web page, it just looks too wide and unsettling imo.

and yeah i agree with this:

Out of interest did you spend any time before hand sketching out rough ideas on paper?
IS this a logo for a computer animation project - or a straight design (print/branding) project?

If its animation - and your an animator an identity that animates in some way (not always tho) when on screen would be an advantage - like the channel four logos (more4, e4, film4 etc).


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I like the colours that you have used, alhough not necessarily the way in which you've used them if that makes sense.

If I was assessing this as a company logo I'd say that the logo looks stretched and out of proportion and in my opinion doesn't really say anything other than initials, which not only is a bit boring; but I'd imagine the assessors were looking for something deeper, somehow purveying the impression of movement within your illustration, although I have to say it's not an easy brief to fulfill!
Ross, Charles and Tim

This Logo concept is for animation in the future yes, but at the moment I'm just developing it for future projects, think the next task is for a Business card, and then go on the turn it into a animation.
I agree with you the font doesn't really work and I think I should find something that's smoother maybe. If you have any good recommendations for sites or specific fonts it would be great.
The shapes for the M are in sync with the upper curve of the K but not the bottom, I didn't feel that the shape created when sync'in them both really worked.
And yes I started out sketching Ideas for this logo on paper for a while before, I don't have many scans here but I'll post a few images of the development of the logo.

Logo Sketch, After loads of other designs I though this one was good because it was so simplistic and graphical. Also the fact that I don't have experience using Illustrator meant that I could produce it easily.

Working in Illustrator

Logo Displayed smaller.
nice one - love to see original sketches and ideas - pens and brains and paper first, macs and mouses second.

Right, if i was your boss / cd etc and we had a client paying £xx an hour i'd in all honesty say -

"first concept, initial idea good, not working for me at the moment, try concept 2 - something totally different, then 3 go safe - then revisit this one again".

I can see where you've been with the shapes - for me they need to be rounder and maybe 'fatter' and the k needs more thought, the typeface also needs revisiting as its size is disproportional to the mark.

Summed up in three words - FATTER, ROUNDER, TYPEFACE


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glad to see you are taking a systematic approach and not going gung ho so to speak. one thing I would say is be flexible with the positioning of your elements as it seems all of the variations involve the text below the graphic rather thean next to or above etc

Who are you?

What do you do?

What fields are you in?

Where do you want to be?

Who are your rivals (Lex Luther doesnt count)?

You hardest client is always yourself.
Worked on another Idea for a while today, looked back at some of my older sketchbook ideas. Decided to do evolve a previous doodle, which reoccurred in my work. Here are some of the ideas I came up with, need allot of play to them but further critique is appreciated, Cheers.

Fonts and colours need played with more.
I don't think you did enough experimentation. From the looks of what you have posted you just did 1 or two ideas and then variations of that.

I find just carry on going with ideas until I have found a few that I think are suitable,but that doesn't work for everyone. You could try setting yourself a limit on how many ideas you should develop and then take each idea in a different direction.
That's a really cool idea Charles, cheers. Gonna work on it some more before I hit the town here :) But yea i'm counting this as one idea. Post a better reply tomorrow.


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rossnorthernunion said:

Who are you?

What do you do?

What fields are you in?

Where do you want to be?

Who are your rivals (Lex Luther doesnt count)?

You hardest client is always yourself.
no...it's ME!!!!:D

all valid points, design without reason are just empty shapes