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logo design critique please


1st post. So please be nice.

Was not intending on posting on here as I'm not expecting the best of responses as I'm still working on the design, just hoping for some helpful input/ideas.

Thanks, Ben


Yeah, I skipped the sketching part as I have been busy and had a few idea's I wanted to play around with.

I know whatever I do I will be happy with for 5 mins and then want to change! :icon_rolleyes:
The name feels dates and a bit tacky in my opinion. I would have a re-think it reminds me of a cake shop from years ago when I was a kid called 'Buns By Betty'.
The logo hasn't really got a target audience as its has to look professional to everyone.

I've had a change in plans.

The logo will have the d and b together making a sort of symbol "db" then Im looking to have Ben next to it or close.

I do take on board that the name is weak I have often thought about changing it, instead I am trying to work around it with the logo being the letters D B B.

Suggestions still welcome.
Why not just call it design ben or ben design and have the "db" or "bd" as the basis for the logo. You could call it design by ben and just drop the "by" from the logo and have "design by ben" in text but not part of the logo
My domain name has the words "design by ben".

I wanted the logo to link to that, but in theory your right, it doesn't need two B's. I could keep it short n sweet, with the logo "db" and then text bellow. (THANK YOU) I will show a post up a few sketches soon.
Lol I guess you could go for shock value and make it look like a cock!
ha ha!

I didn't dare show some of my initial sketches as you guessed it... it did resemble a cock and a few sketches even looked like a big pair of knockers! lol

Some mock ups will follow soon. Please stay tuned! thanks