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Logo Design Competition - Win an iPad2

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Competitions:' started by GMD1, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. GMD1

    GMD1 New Member

    Hey guys I work for a digital agency and we are looking for a cool new logo and are giving away an ipad2 to the best design, would love to see what you guys come up with

    please submit the design through our Facebook page

    Great Minds Design | Facebook

    look forward to seeing what you come up with

    ARRIVALS Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the post, I'm sure many on this forum will take part.

    Out of mere curiosity, as a agency that specialises in branding, why are in inviting other designers to design you a logo? If it was for one of your clients I wouldn't have said anything, but your own logo?

    Like I said, I'm just curious, I've never seen this done before.

    Good luck!
  3. GMD1

    GMD1 New Member

    Hey , a lot of people have asked me that question, and the answer is , we want to build a community of great graphic designers around our brand that we can potentially employ, stay in contact with, use on other project and also we thought it would be a bit of fun.

    ARRIVALS Well-Known Member

    Fair enough. Hope it works out.
  5. GMD1

    GMD1 New Member

    well if you know anyone interested please point them in our direction as so far there are only 1 or to that we like and there are still 3 weeks left to enter

    ARRIVALS Well-Known Member

    Certainly will. A lot of people will see it here. Might be an idea to give people a little info about you're looking for in the logo (if anything). Obviously if you're looking for us to go our own way with it then you've no need to.

  7. RLT Designs

    RLT Designs New Member


    hello i was just wondering are you still looking for a logo?? if so please private message me about it thanks RLT Designs
  8. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    Did you read his initial post??
  9. Lol, don't you just love it when people do not read the initial post Boss? :icon_cheers:
  10. Cartoon Logos

    Cartoon Logos Member

    Without even realising it I went through your logo pictures and the only logo I liked (and thought was an entry) is your own existing one!! Thus my advice would be NOT to change it.
  11. Edge

    Edge Active Member

    logo design

    +1 for the cogs design

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