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Logo design basement cafe


Staff member
honestly... you've got a thing about circles haven't you... just look how many circular designs you've done...
do you not like circles?
I think its because I did them all in the same week.ha. they wont all go into my portfolio, just a couple. but honestly I've got more without circles.... I think.ha

Tony Hardy

I think Levi might be allergic to circles.

I like the work, I'm not sure on the "Coffee House" font. It looks a little typewriter esque. Don't think it quite fits?
I keep getting caught in two minds when trying to choose the font for the coffee house. Im in the middle of building up my portfolio. And I lack in logo design and brochure design, I just don't get that much creative work through my work so I new to make it up or redesign old logos. Im in the middle of doing a brochure for the local crossfit gym which is coming along nicely.


Staff member
Actually the issue with the circles is that with the amount of circles does it not show lack of variation in your 'logo' design skills
No not really, if it fits, it fits. I've got around 30 logos and 7 have a circle incorporated in them. Like I said these few where done in the same week, so i was trapped in that mind set. These all won't be included in my final portfolio. 2 or 3 will see the light of day. And those will be the ones I take further into stationery etc.
I'll be adding to the page over the next few weeks, some r old some r re-vamps, it's just trying to find the time, but I need to get my wedding invites printed and embossed and made up 1st, the misses is nagging me to get it done. Some late nights ahead.ha


I think the second one looks much more prominent and comes across as more professional. However, I don't like the choice of fonts. The 'Basement' font isn't too bad, but I really dislike the 'COFFEE HOUSE' font, which is also much to tall in my opinion. Smaller, chunkier characters with wider spacing would look a lot better I think.