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Logo Critique

Hi all,

I've just started a video production business after freelancing for the past couple of years and I'm currently working on a logo and branding. I've put together a couple of logos using Adobe Illustrator CC, both vastly different from each other. I'm just looking for a bit of feedback. This is my first time designing a logo so would love to have a bit of guidance. In a perfect world, I would love to hire someone to design it but unfortunately my finances won't allow it at the moment.

I was originally looking to use the numbers in the logo but it looks like someone else is using them so I thought it would be best to focus on the word 'eightyone'.

I would love to have your professional opinions on them.

Thanks in advance,




Staff member
I prefer the first (vintage script).

I'd be inclined to either split or differentiate the 'Eighty' and the 'One' in some way as it might be my dyslexia speaking here but it doesn't immediately read as
Eightyone > Eighty One.
I'm kind of getting Eight Yone at first glance.
Thanks Scotty, really appreciate the feedback!

I tried putting a space between Eighty and One but it looked a bit odd to me so I used an upper case O instead (see attached). I think that minor detail has actually worked wonders!

I'd also be interested if there were any other styles or ideas you think would work?



Staff member
That's instantly better.
I'd say that's very good for your first crack at a logo.

It maybe my eyes but the ne on the One seems to be drooping down a bit.
Maybe it's the font or something?

There's loads of ways you could go with it but the right font is key.


Staff member
If you outline the text you'll be able to nudge it around easier than trying to move it in editable font mode.
I really like both of those ideas! I'm glad I came here haha

Boss Hogg - How would I go about doing that in Illustrator? I'm a bit of a noob and only really know the basics.