Logo Concepts for Critique


Kev Clarke

Hi Guys,

Please find attached 2 concepts for a Horticultural Brand aiming to project manage all aspects of soft landscaping on high-end, large-scale garden designs.
Offering sustainable planting solutions, using a knowledgeable and trusted team of qualified horticulturists to deliver high quality horticulture at all the stage of the process.
Four facets/components of the business; 1 - Design 2 - Supply 3 - Implementation 4 - Aftercare

Concept 1
This signifies Horticulture which is at the core of the business, with each petal represents the different facets/components of the business plan.
Bring different elements together and co-ordinating the soft landscaping.
Emphasis on project management and the facilitating all aspects for the garden design/end clients.

Concept 2
Again signifies Horticulture which is at the core of the business.
Concentric rings form to create abstract image of a flower head whilst also signifying how the brand will take the soft landscaping aspect of the garden design and make it a fluid, smooth process, a much smoother transition for the garden designer/end client.
Taking the project and cultivating/nurturing progressively evolving it into the end product.

Please let me know what you think, if I'm on the right track.

All feedback welcome and appreciated,




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Concept 1 is clearer than Concept 2 but all I can see is children's windmills.

The leaf on Concept 1 is the only one that seems to relate to horticulture but even then I wouldn't relate this to landscaping. Maybe when it's shown next to the company name and tagline it would work but then the logo sort of becomes redundant.


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You need to show us fewer images, there's far too many similar ones there.

The leaf one is a nice design, and some of the other squareish ones look like flowers a little bit (some remind me of a fan), but the swirly ones
in concept 2 are only vaguely flower-like.

We need to see just two or three images alongside the names to fully understand the concept.