Logo Concepts for Critique

Hi Guys,

Please find attached 2 concepts for a Horticultural Brand aiming to project manage all aspects of soft landscaping on high-end, large-scale garden designs.
Offering sustainable planting solutions, using a knowledgeable and trusted team of qualified horticulturists to deliver high quality horticulture at all the stage of the process.
Four facets/components of the business; 1 - Design 2 - Supply 3 - Implementation 4 - Aftercare

Concept 1
This signifies Horticulture which is at the core of the business, with each petal represents the different facets/components of the business plan.
Bring different elements together and co-ordinating the soft landscaping.
Emphasis on project management and the facilitating all aspects for the garden design/end clients.

Concept 2
Again signifies Horticulture which is at the core of the business.
Concentric rings form to create abstract image of a flower head whilst also signifying how the brand will take the soft landscaping aspect of the garden design and make it a fluid, smooth process, a much smoother transition for the garden designer/end client.
Taking the project and cultivating/nurturing progressively evolving it into the end product.

Please let me know what you think, if I'm on the right track.

All feedback welcome and appreciated,



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Concept 1 is clearer than Concept 2 but all I can see is children's windmills.

The leaf on Concept 1 is the only one that seems to relate to horticulture but even then I wouldn't relate this to landscaping. Maybe when it's shown next to the company name and tagline it would work but then the logo sort of becomes redundant.


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You need to show us fewer images, there's far too many similar ones there.

The leaf one is a nice design, and some of the other squareish ones look like flowers a little bit (some remind me of a fan), but the swirly ones
in concept 2 are only vaguely flower-like.

We need to see just two or three images alongside the names to fully understand the concept.
Thanks for the feedback Wardy & fisicx.

Following on from my previous post and further dialogue with the end client i now have 4 concepts if you can cast your eye over these that would be great.

Logo 1 - Symbolises the passion for Horticulture. The nurture and cultivation of plants from seedlings into full bloom.
Logo 2 - Abstract symbol represents growth of client project via 4 components of business and the radiating concentric rings, also abstract flower head.
Logo 3 - Personal lettermark, growing taking on the form of a plant, representing the core of the business.
Logo 4 - Project management concept, how all 4 facets of business plan come together to transform client project/soft landscaping.

Anymore thoughts and feedback welcome and appreciated,


Paul Murray

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I like 4, I think you can do the most with it, though I did also like this one.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 13.21.20.png

Have a think about how you would use the logo as part of the larger branding. You should never design a logo in isolation, I tend to play around with concepts to see what does and doesn't work for social media, stationery, etc then I pick one concept to develop and present that only.

No.2 is basically the Ubisoft logo so I'd drop that one.
Thanks for the feedback guys.

Through discussions with the client they are edging towards 1 & 3 at this stage, and have asked for a few amendments and refinement.


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I like Paul’s number 4.

But like he said, the logo in isolation doesn’t work. It should be presented with the name of the business and tagline. Without these it’s meaningless.