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logo concept


I'm looking for feedback on the two logo concepts below.

The first one focuses on a sparkle element that will also be used as a favicon, and image for social media. The sparkle evokes the "dashing" aspect of the gifts, but also speed, and also looks like a stylized package.

The second one exacerbates more the speed, but keeps a classic Didot base font for the more classic, high-end look. It's a more modern logo. The D alone (without by inside) will be used as a favicon. The letters will be adapted to align with the stripes of the D and look more streamlined.

Thanks for your feedback!


Paul Murray

Staff member
The second one has more of a concept to it, though I'm personally not sold on the use of Didot as it's quite a delicate font and is this instance looks weak. The placement of 'by' is awkward too and is actively interfering with the dash lines on the D.