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Loading AI files over network is slow

Discussion in 'Adobe Forum:' started by cpcards, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. cpcards

    cpcards New Member


    I have an issue with Adobe Illustrator CS5 that has been bothering me for years.

    I access AI design files over a network. The files are stored on an external hard disk on an iMac and everyone accesses them over the network from their desktop or laptop.

    On my laptop however (a 2010 MacBook Pro) if I am connected to the 'server' (imac with external drive connected) and I open an AI file on the external hard drive of the imac OR EVEN an AI file stored locally on my MacBook Pro it takes a while to open.

    However, if I disconnect from the 'server' and open a file locally it opens almost instantly, rather than a 7 to 8 second delay as before.

    As soon as I reconnect to the 'server' over the network then open the same AI file stored locally on my MacBook Pro, the 7 to 8 second delay appears again.

    Has anyone experienced this before?
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  2. cpcards

    cpcards New Member

    I have just remembered, the speed is perfect if I connect to the folder on the 'server' from my laptop but not if I connect to the drive?

    If that makes sense. I.e. I if I share a folder on the drive called 'artwork' and access files within, all is fine but if I connect to the root drive, i.e. HD-DATA then the slow down happens - even when I am loading AI files from my local desktop.
  3. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    Have you spoken to Adobe, their tech support is really good.
  4. cpcards

    cpcards New Member


    No, Ive not asked Adobe (yet). I spoke to Adobe several years ago about another issue and was I less than impressed with their support. I suppose it depends on the person you get to speak to though.


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  5. richimgd

    richimgd Member

    I would not recommend working with files over a network. It means if there is a network interruption your files might become corrupt. It also means if multiple users open the same file it could cause all kinds of problems. The number of times I work with people who lose work because of this is really counter productive.

    What I would recommend is copy the files you are working with onto your machine, then work on them locally. Then you can backup your work to the network storage at the end of the day. This means you'll always have a daily backup of your work as you'll have 2 copies of the files. If everyone on your network does this then if anyone accidentally overwrites a file on the network drive (or server) then you'll all have your own backups to work from.
  6. cpcards

    cpcards New Member


    Yes there is a risk of data corruption and people overwriting the files.

    So far this has been fine though plus we have all machines backing up in realtime using crashplan should we ever need to restore a file or version of a file.



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