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Letterpress Business Cards Inspiration


Senior Member
I want to buy a letterpress machine :( but don't have the money or room or knowledge :p really it's just for the owning privilege...
if you where designing freelance work for clients and wanted to produce cards like this on a regular basis

who would be the best printers to go to to get it for cheaper?

These cards can never be cheap due to not being able to be mass produced. It's like asking where to get a cheap Rolls Royce. But for people who wouldn't be seen dead in a Ford Fiesta these cards have the right image when the design is minimal/sophisticated. Also designers seem to go for these cards - I guess that's because they have the texture thickness and weight lacking in litho/digital - these cards are usually 500g +.

The beauty of these cards is they say EXPENSIVE. I suppose people in a business meeting at a London Hotel, where a gin and tonic costs £50 don't want to hand over a 200g Vistaprint card...

The top link vandelaydesign.com has some lovely classy cards.