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Just started an illustration blog…

Hi all,

After years as working as a graphic designer, I've finally started to draw again. I seem to be getting back into the routine pretty quickly, but to force myself to keep producing good stuff, I've started a blog. Hopefully this will keep me focussed.

Have a look… this northern boy



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Some good stuff here. Like the buildings.

I've just started painting again after a really long time. I try to do a very quick, small painting a day in the time it takes me to drink a cup of tea...Perhaps as things ease up I'll do a blog also! Wanted to get away from anything to graphic after 20 years at a computer!
Thanks Kate, the buildings are a pretty new thing for me. I've always had an interest in architecture, but I think these come more from wanting to create somewhere with a story. I want to know who lives in these places and where they are. At the moment I can't seem to stop drawing them, there's another up on the blog today with a process video showing how I build up the detail and colour.


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Love the new work.

Just been reading through it, can't believe your art teacher told you nothing good can come from Rotring Pens!
can't believe your art teacher told you nothing good can come from Rotring Pens!
I think he was trying to make a point about the variety of line you get with a dip pen, but it just seemed like a challenge to me.

Glad you like the new work. It's all coming thick and fast at the moment, got lots of ideas and I seem to be learning something new every time I pick up a pen. Wish I'd made the effort ten years ago to be honest.