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I've started noticing some major brand design failures

First off this inappropriate message on the back of a B&Q lorry

If I "Shop online now" I'm likely to crash, not to mention it will be illegal.

And just to clarify I didn't take this picture, I was riding a motorbike but googled and found this image.

secondly this spelling/gramatical balls up by Royal mail:
Royal Mail Parcels

“We’re make e-tailing easier....” I'm guessing it's supposed to be “we make...” or “we’re making...”
B&Q have to try and get their website out their as much as possible - as it doesn't have the stores name in the url, which in itself is quite rare. Nearly every truck lorry and van of major brands have their website on it - it's more about brand awareness.

And yeah the url does look really really crap on the back of that lorry - incorrect typeface - mismatch of upper and lowercase - and the identity looks bad too - any chance of some sort of safe area???

Not the worst i've seen mind...


Staff member
the worst I've seen is the new microsoft logo.... it's four coloured squares (a window I suppose)... which basically looks like a google logo lol


Yes, that B&Q advertisement is horrific, but I think it would take a special kind of person to be driving and then suddenly decided that they need to order a new barbecue right then and there...! I think it's more meant as "You can shop online now, instead of going to our store".