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iStockPhoto to start selling logos

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It seems iStockPhoto are going to be selling logo's shortly...

"Our clients will be able to download a unique logo to brand their business or organisation right here at iStock from designers like you. As a designer, you've probably created hundreds of different logos over the course of your career and we're offering you an outlet to start selling new logos to the world’s largest community of creative buyers."


What are your thoughts on this?
We're screwed!

Of course it depends on how much they are going to charge for said logos. I just hope I can afford to undercut them. :icon_biggrin:

But in all honesty, the logos on there may not be what the client is after (and they may not have the means to add text and change things about). So it is fairly likely have to come to us after all *fingers crossed*
From what I can gather, iStock purchases the logos as presets from other designers. Which as Helen suggests, may not be everybodies cup of tea. It states that all the logos will be EPS etc, so they'll be editable, but in my view, a client is paying for the service of a designer so that they don't need to edit it themselves.

I also can't fathom why you'd want to sell on your work to iStock, when you would surely reap more benefits through your own setup. Obviously iStock is a big name, but that's the only reason I can think of, but it's a bit of a cop out using them if you ask me.
I wonder if they would sell sole user rights? Some businesses might object about a competitor using the same logo! It would definitely benefit the designer if he is handsomely rewarded for unique designs!

Stationery Direct

Staff member
I wonder if they would sell sole user rights? Some businesses might object about a competitor using the same logo! It would definitely benefit the designer if he is handsomely rewarded for unique designs!
File exclusivity – Unlike other files on iStockphoto, logos can only be sold once and therefore need to be exclusive to iStockphoto. Once your logo is on iStock it will remain for sale for a minimum of six months.
Ummm, big ol' can o' worms! Do you think they are trying to emulate these 'logo-for-a-fiver' websites? if so it's going to be the same cheap-skate client buying one of iStock. Clients that need (& know they need) an individual design will find their way to their local designer (i hope!!!) Also will iStock sell you the stationery set to go with the new logo? and if the logo is in .eps format will it be cmyk or rgb? will they include .png et al formats for use across the whole spectrum of needs? will they supply you with a reversed out option for use on a different background? or a stacked / landscape version for alternative formats? Me thinks not!!! they are still going to need the help of a professional if they need it doing right!
Pretty sure they're selling for between 100-750 iStock credits of which the designer takes 50%

so on the basis your logo is going for min. 200 credits you'll be getting £100+ and at 750 credits £300 ish
I suppose if it's free to submit it will give you a bit of cash if you sell 1 or 2 each month. But I think it is likely to become massively over-crowded, I'll try it in the early days and see what happens with it.
I'm just struggling to see how it will work..... The place will be over run with basic "shape" logos and nothing much else. You can't design a logo for an unknown business. :icon_confused:
Good point Helen. They are doing different catergories but I still see how it'll be tough to meetcustomer needs.

But I suppose I'm taking the view that if that's where people are going to buy from I don't want to be left behind. It won't cost me anything and I can carry on doing what I normally do.

It certainly won't be something I devote a large amount of time to but if it works well at least I'm benefitting from it.
Yeah.. don't get me wrong, as long as it's free to submit to, I will probably send in unused mocks (as long as they don't bear a resemblance to the clients logo I have just designed).

It will be interesting to see how it all pans out :icon_smile:
A good logo for any company must always be based on a brief. Also 750 credits for a generic logo is a lot of money, most designers will be happy to design a bespoke logo for half that money.